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How to Get True Wind When Under Sail


The new Wind Instrument RB™ is the 6th generation.  The physical components have all been redesigned. You want an anemometer as small and light as possible up on your mast if it is going to move in the lightest wind.  So the standard brass nose cone has been replaced by a carbon fiber pointer, with the battery in the nose cone as the counterbalance.  The features and innovations are summarized at  If you prefer a video of the design logic, clicking on the on the image above will take you to a YouTube overview.

The Wind Instrument RB is not just one sensor, it is about the whole navigation experience.  It works with lots of apps on iOS and Android, and with our Air Link™ NMEA connector.  In the free SailTimer chartplotter app on iOS (and soon to be released on Android), you can import Navionics charts, and your optimal tacks update automatically as the wind changes. 

On Android and iOS, all SailTimer Wind Gauge and charting apps also have an option to put the screen away and use audio feedback with a wireless speaker or earbud.  You can hear wind conditions and boat speed when they change by more than a set amount.  Save the power in your phone and reduce heat with the screen off;  no trying to view the LCD screen out on the water in the bright sun.  Keep your hands and eyes free for sailing.

TRUE VS. APPARENT WIND:  Although you can feel the wind while under sail, and may have a plastic wind arrow up on the masthead, that is only Apparent Wind Angle (affected by your boat's movement, like when you put your hand out the window of a moving car).  But with the Wind Instrument RB, you can display the True Wind Angle (and Direction) and True Wind Speed, as well as Apparent Wind Speed.  You can only get those with electronics.

This new model is on track to start shipping in May.  The initial production run is sold out, but we are now taking orders for June.  We will be ramping up the manufacturing to get the new model in stock, but that will take time.  So if you want one for this summer, reserve yours here

Bonus:  Free shipping for a limited time - see order page

For decades, hardly any boat owners bought masthead anemometers.  They were overpriced, had little innovation, and the wiring was hard to install.  But the Wind Instrument RB is changing all that.  It does not cost $1000 or more, can be used on its own with your phone/tablet without other pricey components, it gets new features all the time with low-cost apps, and its crowdsourced wind maps are going to become an important part of the marine weather forecast.  We are in the midst of a huge leap forward in sailboat navigation technology. 




SailTimer Air Link
:  Connects wired and wireless devices. 

The Air Link can receive Bluetooth transmissions from the Wind Instrument, and has wiring terminals for NMEA devices like the MFD at left. 

Aqua Map is the latest app that can receive wind data from the Air Link on wifi.  It comes in a free version and there is a paid version with US marine charts.  You can send data from the Wind Instrument RB this way, or from a legacy anemometer wired to the Air Link.  Further details on retransmitting all incoming NMEA data on wifi to mobile apps are available on the Air Link web page.

The Air Link can even let you check wind conditions and temperature on your boat in a web browser from home or office.  $299 - details here.



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