Navigating with the Foiling Nacra 17 Catamaran
The foiling version of the Nacra 17 is a new Olympic class for the Mixed Multihulls at the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics (background here). The technology with boats, foiling, navigation and wireless electronics is changing fast these days, so this is a great time to hear from someone who sails one of these amazing new sailing machines (below).

As we know from the America’s Cup, foiling boats can sail faster than the wind (as do racing dinghies like the longstanding 49er). The boat’s high speed reduces the Apparent Wind Angle. SailTimer Inc. continues to expand coverage of crowdsourced wind maps. Because whether you are racing, cruising or out sailing around for the afternoon, seeing how the wind flows around headlands, in the open water, and funnels into channels is central to navigation.
In the world of high performance sailing there has been a massive push for data. Wireless sensing electronics are helping sailors by providing unique scientific and measurable data. This real time data can be used for performance analysis and taking the guesswork out of some of the soft skills that are critical to sailing a boat fast.

Coming from a background with the Foiling Nacra 17, having the data in front of us as to what boat speed we must hit to initiate the correct lift angle on our foils for optimal speeds out of the boat is critical in a race situation. By using tools like SailTimer we have made leaps and bounds when it comes to optimizing our boats performance. Not to mention the importance of accurate wind maps when it comes to getting used to a new venue.
   - Max Flinn, Team Surrette Flinn, CAN 413
Wind Instrument RB is Now 2 Years Old
The SailTimer Wind Instrument RB™ was originally announced two years ago this week, leading up to the 2019 Miami Boat Show. This is a reliable, mature product that has been used in pretty much every country where you can sail. It is lighter than earlier models, with a carbon-fiber pointer and a Removable Battery in the nose cone as the counter-balance. And it comes with a 2-year warranty and prompt onlline technical support worldwide.

The Wind Instrument RB™ is wireless and solar-powered. It works with the free SailTimer tacking app, lots of other apps for Android and iOS, and also with the Air Link™ for NMEA wiring. With app updates and new features, it actually gets better over time. This is also the only masthead anemometer designed for sailboats, with patented wind cup blades that remain equally accurate whether upright or sailing along heeled over. The ceramic miniature ball bearings do not corrode, and will give you many years of maintenance-free performance.

Black Friday sale on now: If you are starting summer sailing in Oceania or thinking about some holiday shopping while off for Thanksgiving in the US, this is excellent value. $25 shipping rebate for free FedEx delivery in North America and a great price for FedEx delivery worldwide. Bonus: Did you know that this is the only masthead anemometer that you can raise without needing to lower or climb the mast? You'll also receive the quick-release L-Bracket mount and the mainsail Track Slider accessory for a $35 bonus.
Heinekin Regatta in St. Maarten
There have not been many boat shows or major regattas in 2020 due to the pandemic, but the internationally-recognized Heineken Regatta got an early start from March 5-8. SailTimer was a sponsor for the yacht Voilactus, which sailed in Antigua Race Week, the Heinekin Regatta and Les Voiles de St. Barth. According to skipper Eduardo Lentz: "Using wireless data from the SailTimer Wind Instrument in racing and chart apps helped the tactician on board Voilactus to obtain a 4th place in a very competitive handicap class."

Sailors can book a slot on Voilactus to race in the Caribbean regattas, and gain experience in ocean racing conditions, with coaching included. Go to to book a spot at one of the 2021 regattas, to see for yourself how exciting and fun these regattas are.


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