Wind speed 8.0 knots, boat speed 7.5 knots. User-submitted photo of s/v Ariella on Chesapeake Bay with the new Wind Instrument RB™.

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Every sailor needs wind information, whether planning your next tack or your next sailing adventure. The SailTimer Wind Instrument RB™ is wireless and solar-powered. This innovative new design has a  Replaceable Battery in the nose cone (photo) where it serves as the counterweight, on a carbon-fiber pointer. There is a new molded tail shell. You can transmit some 280 feet with line of sight. When not connected on Bluetooth, this new model uses an amazing 80% less power than the previous model. Use it with the smartphone you already have, or add the Air Link™ to connect a wired NMEA network. 

The Wind Instrument RB™ lets you do things that are not possible with any other product. There is a list of innovative features, but one example is that when used with the SailTimer chartplotter app, you can use tacking distances to calculate your optimal tacks. No other product of any kind does that. All of the SailTimer apps on iOS and Android now come with Audio Navigation so you can put your screen away and keep your hands and eyes free for sailing. As you can see from the list of apps, the SailTimer Wind Instrument RB™ also works with more apps than any other anemometer (and there are two new Android apps below). 

Manufacturing is still ramping up to catch up with worldwide demand. You can put in an advance order now and get free shipping worldwide. That is the fastest way to get yours. Orders now are shipping around Nov. 1st. Or click to go on the notification list for ordering with immediate delivery when they are in stock.
SailGrib WR weather routing app: A full-featured chartplotter in the Android app store. If you are planning a longer passage the app does weather routing with the global GRIB weather forecast. Traditionally that required expensive software and a power-hungry computer, but this app allows it to be done on an Android device with much lower cost and power consumption. There is also a free trial version. Steps for using with the Wind Instrument are on SailTimer list of apps. Other background and YouTube demos are at
WinDis wind display for race officials. Provides compass directions and graphs with wind history for varying time intervals. Averages and min/max for wind direction and speed.  This Android app can re-transmit incoming wind data on wifi or Bluetooth, and can also receive NMEA data on wifi from the SailTimer Air Link™. Further app details and screenshots in the online manual.

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