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The new Wind Instrument RB™


The new Wind Instrument RB™ was officially launched at the Miami Boat Show a few weeks ago -- click on the graphic above to see an overview in the Strictly Sail boat show guide.

SailTimer Inc. invented the first masthead anemometer that could transmit to smartphones (and online), because no other anemometer from any manufacturer could transmit to our tacking app.  This new model is still wireless and solar-powered, but it now adds a removable battery that can be replaced or quickly topped up in a wall charger.  The new tail assembly gives it a longer transmission distance of up to 285 feet with line of sight.  It also has an ingenious design with the battery in the nose cone as the counter-balance instead of the usual brass weight.  The new carbon-fiber pointer arm is stronger and lighter than the previous aluminum rod. 

Because it is wireless, there are no wires to install down the mast or through the cabin walls.  It works with lots of apps on Android and iOS.  Plus our Air Link™ accessory has NMEA wiring connectors.

This new model is expected to be coming off the assembly line and shipping to the waiting list in the second half of April. We can't predict an exact date for an individual order, but we'll continue to put any timing updates on the order page and in the next newsletter in a few weeks.  This is the first model that will also be available in select marine stores in the US, so we'll let you know once they start to have it in stock.

If you have already pre-ordered:   Spring is on the way (in the northern hemisphere), so the production is moving as quickly as possible.  You will receive a FedEx tracking number when your package goes out.

If you are waiting to be notified that we have inventory available:  The first production run is getting close to being sold out with pre-orders.  So you may want to consider if it is time to put in your order now.  It could be a long wait until we have it in stock for 2-day delivery. 




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