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Connecting Wireless and Wired Devices

If you have a wired anemometer and want to connect to mobile apps and the cloud -- or you want to connect your SailTimer Wind Instrument to wired devices -- the SailTimer Mini-Server™ connects wired NMEA devices to wifi and Bluetooth.

This is the only device that can receive Bluetooth transmissions from the wireless, solar-powered SailTimer Wind Instrument™ and connect on wires to your GPS chartplotter or autopilot. It is also the only device that lets you crowdsource your wind data on live wind maps.  As shown in the screenshot below right, you can display your tacking route and wind conditions from a day's sail or a race at, for live viewing in any web browser or in replays for performance analysis.

The Mini-Server can transmit all incoming NMEA 0183 data on wifi to mobile apps.  You can share water depths from a wired depthsounder this way, as hydrographic agencies progress on crowdsourcing marine charts. 

But you don't need a special app to use the Mini-Server;  you can even just open the browser on your mobile device to see a wind gauge, as in the screenshot above left.  The SailTimer Mini-Server lets you view wind conditions in any device that has wifi and a web brower -- even
e-readers, which are viewable in direct sunlight and have amazingly long battery life. 

The Mini-Server dimensions are only 7 x 15 cm (2.75 x 6 inches) -- more the size of a bar of soap than a wifi router or cable modem.  It can also join the main wifi network on your boat, or in your marina.  If the Mini-Server is connected to your marina wifi, with any web browser you can go to from home or office to check live wind conditions at your boat.

The Mini-Server is on sale now for $299.99 US until 2017 Wind Instruments are in stock. If ordered together, we can hold the Mini-Server to ship with the Wind Instrument. But if ordering the Mini-Server alone, it ships without delay. 

There are also some factory seconds available, where there was a minor cosmetic blemish when molding the Mini-Server.  If available, those have a $30 discount and are listed in the online shopping cart on the Accessories page with the above optional power plugs.


AFTrack SailTimer Edition™:  Free Android chartplotter app available in the Google Play store.  This is a sailing version in collaboration with SailTimer Inc. based on the original AFTrack app from Germany.  It displays laylines based on tacking angle (instructions). A small red wind gauge in the lower right of the map screen shows True wind speed & direction from the SailTimer Wind Instrument based on True North. To add a full-screen wind gauge for the Wind Instrument, get the free AFTrack SailTimer Plugin

Low-cost marine charts can now be downloaded to the app from the Google Play store for USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.  The US Atlantic Coast also includes large-scale charts of Bahamas and Cuba.  There are instructions for installing the charts from the developer AFTrack.


Wireless, solar-powered SailTimer Wind Instrument™:  The 2017 model will be coming off the assembly line soon.  With our much larger factory production now, inventory should be caught up to worldwide demand and in stock by this summer. At $350 US the Wind Instrument offers the most advanced features, at a price far less than traditional masthead anemometers.  It is easy to install because it is wireless, and it works with a range of different apps which give you a variety of choices of wind gauges, chartplotters and tactical displays. If your boat is in the water, you can even raise the Wind Instrument without needing to climb or lower the mast.  It is difficult to project exact shipping dates until it is in stock, but the production is on track to have all pre-orders shipped out from late May to the first half of June, in the sequence orders were received.  You can still pre-order the Wind Instrument at a discount for the earliest delivery.



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