An evening sail comes to a close for s/v Break Free in Toronto Harbour, with the SailTimer Wind Instrument™ on the masthead. Click for full photo.

The Definition of Sailing:
Travel 421 Miles to Go 300

This is the 4th year for the SailTimer Wind Instrument RB™ with the Removable Battery in the nose cone (where it also serves as the counter-balance). We continue to fine-tune the design; e.g. the most recent inventory has a new set screw for the lower axle. If you want to sail optimal tacks without excess distance, you need accurate wind information. This is a mature product that is accurate and reliable. It has a 2-year warranty and gets lots of good reviews from users.

The photo above and following comment is from club races at the Toronto Hydroplane & Sailing Club (  "I think the SailTimer is great and I have been very happy with the performance and certainly your support/service last year... We participated in the Lake Ontario 300, and it turned out to be an endurance race for us... our 300 nautical miles turned into 421. We encountered wind gusts that exceeded the wind meter on the SailTimer app (so only guessing at max wind speed - we didn't check the graph to find out), but it performed flawlessly for (the) 5 days of sailing."

For trailer sailors, there were some comments about the RB model in this forum. All of our product order pages also have a panel for customer reviews, such as on the $23.99/month plan and Wind Instrument order page. Another customer added a comment in the Accessories: "I have used the SailTimer for two seasons and we are very happy with its performance. Due to very limited bulkhead space - we use an Apple iPad mounted inside but visible to our helmsman and sheet trimmers."
No wires to install down the mast. Solar-powered. Replaceable battery. Transmits up to 280' (85m). Works with lots of apps. Can even raise without lowering/climbing mast. For boats of all sizes.

The SailTimer Wind Instrument™ is the only masthead anemometer designed for sailboats, with innovative wind cups that remain equally accurate when sailing along heeled over.

Does more, costs less. $469.99 complete. Next-day shipping. Spring inventory is in stock now. There is a growing wait list for the new Air Link™ (see below), which is likely to sell out the Wind Instrument too when the new Air Link becomes available. So if you have been thinking of getting the Wind Instrument, best to order now.
Get it now for spring launch
New Developments
On our list of previous newsletters, there is a long history of innovative new features as they have evolved. Here are some updates on new technology in the works...

SailTimer Air Link: Receives Bluetooth transmissions from the Wind Instrument, and connects those to your NMEA wiring or wifi. The Air Link is being redesigned for the 4th generation, with all new electronics and firmware. This redesign is intended to lower the price below $90 (amazing), make it smaller, and add NMEA 2000. Email here if you would like to go on the no-obligation notification list for when we know a shipping date. Beta tester? If you are intrested in providing feedback as one of the first users, please mention that in your email.

Crowdsourced wind maps: We continue to work behind the scenes on the next generation of wind maps. The standard marine weather forecast comes from satellite imaging, and typically has resolution of only 1/4 degree (cells that are 15x15 nautical miles) up to 1 degree (cells 60x60 nautical miles). But we have a lot of innovations in the pipeline for crowdsourcing. And this technology is happening at the same time that the industry standards for marine charts are changing from raster to vector charts, and from the existing S-57 hydrographic charts to the upcoming S-100 standard for all types of marine data (PDF, 11.3 mb). We will have some big announcements about how crowdsourcing is changing marine weather and navigation in the coming months. For the first time, this will also involve SailTimer products for powerboats and commercial shipping, which also need marine weather. We are now releasing updates to SailTimer API-WMM apps on Android (available now) and iOS (in the coming week) to prepare for this.

Speedy Trailer Lights: Final road testing is underway now, and the first inventory will be available later this year. An amazing new innovation: no wires to install. (1) Just plug transmitter in to OBD or power socket in vehicle. (2) Put wing nuts on each light at back of trailer. (3) Then go! That's why they are called "Speedy". Tentative price $169.99. Click here if you would like to go on the no-obligation notification list. No more installing wiring and checking faulty connections under the trailer. Start your adventure early.

Photo of s/v Break Free in Toronto Harbour, Canada courtesy of Paul Lewis.

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