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2-Week Delivery  +  New Duty-Free Zones

Sailboat navigation is entering a new era with wireless transmissions, innovative new apps, and cloud data.  Delivery times are now down to about 2 weeks with online orders of the wireless, solar-powered SailTimer Wind Instrument™.

SailTimer made the first-ever masthead anemometer that could transmit to tablets/smartphones, and this new model is the 5th generation.  There are no wires to install down the mast.  For keelboats, even if your boat is already in the water, you can raise the Wind Instrument without having to lower or climb the mast.  It is also submersible which is good for sailing dinghies, and can be put on in seconds with no tools when launching a centerboard boat from a trailer.  An accessory is available for sending NMEA 0183 data to wired marine electronics.  Order direct from the manufacturer ($350) if you want to make sure you have it in time for the holidays.

Low Price, Advanced Features
One of the amazing things about the Wind Instrument is that you can use lots of different apps with it, depending on the kind of interface you like and features you need.  This is not a one-time purchase;  you can wake up tomorrow, and it can do things that it did not do today. 

For example, the free SailTimer Charts Edition™ app shown below (and the original SailTimer app) displays your optimal tacks and Tacking Time to Destination (TTD ®). The traditional helmsman's dilemma upwind is to decide whether to head off the wind more to gain more speed (but with more distance), or to pinch closer to the wind to reduce the distance (but at a lower speed). The SailTimer™ tacking results solve this problem, providing a quick and easy display of the tacking lines and TTD to get you there fastest.  A simple display with one heading line and one number, perfect to use out in the action.  When using the app with the Wind Instrument, as the wind and your position change, the app updates your tacking results automatically.

Worldwide Vector Charts in the SailTimer App

If you didn't notice yet in the iOS app, under Options > Charts, there is a huge new feature.  We have been working on this for years, and in the past week the new update was just released in iTunes with vector charts.  No tiles to download, zoom in extremely close with no pixellation.  You can even see tide levels and the direction and rate of currents, right in the SailTimer app.  Official announcement and full details in the next newsletter soon, but you can find it there now.  Users in Australia can finally overlay their optimal tacks on marine charts. 

Optimal Tacks and TTD on More Platforms

The SailTimer charting app on iOS is the only product, out of all the apps and GPS chartplotters available, that uses actual distance to define your optimal tacks.  There is a growing consensus that ETA and VMG are obsolete for sailboat navigation.  So we are working to make the SailTimer optimal tacks and TTD more of an industry standard, accessible on all platforms...  1. Web Browsers: Over the next week we expect to start displaying optimal tacks and TTD for viewing in any web browser at SailTimerMaps.com2. Other Apps: The overlay of crowdsourced wind maps and optimal tacks is also being made available to other apps that can connect to the SailTimer Wind Instrument.  3. Android:  We are finally also working on a chartplotter app with the SailTimer tacking results for Android, beyond the SailTimer Wind Gauge app on Android.

If You are Looking for a Discount Price

There is an excellent price on factory seconds ($149.99) in the online shopping cart. 
In stock now for immediate shipping.

Duty-Free Shipments to Britain and Europe

The new CETA free trade agreement was just enacted last month. That's great news for sailors, because SailTimer orders are now duty-free to Britain (while still in the European Union) and all European countries, and also within North America. 


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