November Inventory Arriving
with New Ball Bearings/Axle

The SailTimer Wind Instrument RB™ has a Replaceable Battery, and is now getting a new wind cup assembly with stainless steel ball bearings and axle for silent long-term use in all wind conditions. The new axle assembly can also provide an upgrade for previous Wind Instruments (details here).

The SailTimer is the only anemometer designed for sailboats; the blades spin equally well whether upright or heeled over. When sailing along heeled over with other types of anemometers, the wind hits them from underneath and they lose accuracy. 

If you are a multihull sailor, you may not worry about effects of heeling.  But if you have a multihull (or monohull) with a rotating mast, that has no effect on wind direction and wind angle with the Wind Instrument RB™. It has a digital compass inside the wind direction arrow. It knows which way it is pointing at all times, even on rotating masts.  And unlike anemometers that only measure wind angle, you do not need to calibrate it to the bow of the boat during installation.   

Free worldwide FedEx shipping, for a limited time.
A completely self-contained unit for $549.99. No wires to install; no other CPU or hardware required. Solar powered. Works with lots of phone/tablet apps + Air Link™ to NMEA wiring. Transmits up to 280' (85m). For boats of all sizes.

Next inventory arriving in 2 weeks! All existing orders will then ship out in the order received. Get yours while supplies last.

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