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Crowd-source your live wind data

The SailTimer Wind Instrument™ is a connected device.  Unlike standard anemometers, this is not a one-time purchase;  we can give it new features overnight.  And now we are pleased to announce that it is also the first masthead anemometer with crowd-sourcing to create live wind maps. 


A live wind map is better for sailboat navigation than a coarse weather forecast made hours ago. Now, if you want to share your wind data, you can use any web browser to access your Wind Instrument or share with others at In the screenshot below, the wind barbs for different Wind Instruments in your region indicate the wind direction and basic wind speed. If you click on one, you can then get large numbers and graphs of live wind direction and wind speed at that location. The graph of wind directions is very handy for race officials setting upwind marks.

There is a Sharing button in the API where you have the option to turn off the sharing if preferred. But the more users share data, the better the live wind maps will be.


One of the next features we will be adding is the option to view and share your GPS tracks on the map. That is very handy for performance analysis, if you can replay the wind conditions and tacking routes, or they can be viewed free in a race by those on shore. (Yes, the crowd-sourced wind and race maps are all free.)

Imagine being able to check live wind conditions from home before deciding to go out on the water. Or a marina or charter base can let customers see live wind conditions before they visit. Or in addition to your own anemometer, seeing live wind data from boats up ahead, to plan your tacking route. This has never been possible before.

News on Apps, Shipping & Apple Watch
We are continuing to scale up the Wind Instrument manufacturing to meet worldwide demand.  Although we can update an app overnight, hardware logistics with different factories for electronics, molding and assembly simply take time.  No need to email us if you have ordered already;  you'll receive a tracking number when your Wind Instrument is on the way. The packages are shipping out in the sequence orders were received.  We are hoping to have all current orders shipped and the waiting list eliminated in 6 weeks, and then inventory in stock for next-day shipping.  Sometimes one part causes a delay, but that is our best projection at the moment.

The SailTimer™ app (and free Charts Edition) has unique capabilities that are not found in even the most expensive GPS chartplotters for learning your boat's polar plots and displaying your optimal tacks and TTD ® (Tacking Time to Destination).  Good news:  ActiveCaptain was an in-app purchase, but is available free now. When you use the SailTimer™ app or Charts Edition, you can display a chart overlay of points of interest and reviews from ActiveCaptain.  It is an interactive cruising guide that never goes out of date.  Click on any of the flags to get information and comments about hazards, marinas, local knowledge and anchorages. 

The photo on the boat above was taken while the Wind Instrument was being tested with the MID WiFi app on iOS and MID WiFi (Free) evaluation version.  We'll soon be adding another Android and another iOS app to the list of 3rd-party apps that can use display wireless data from the Wind Instrument, each of which has their own unique displays and features.  The wind gauge in MID WiFI (below) shows Apparent and True wind direction simultaneously.  The width of the blue sector indicates the variation in wind direction.


A number of apps that are now connecting to the Wind Instrument can display True and Apparent wind speed and direction on the Apple Watch, like this example from MID WiFi, as well as iRegatta, and another app coming soon. 


A Better Way

Have you ever talked to a store clerk about a masthead anemometer for your boat?  The standard approach is very complicated:  you need the "transducer" (sensor), and also an LCD wind gauge, but if you also want the wind data in a Multi-Function Display, then you need to buy a second LCD.  You often need to buy a "backbone" power cord separately. One brand doesn't work with another.  And to top it all off, the prices are hugely expensive and you often have to buy a package with other equipment like a depth sounder at the same time, even if you don't need it.

Disruptive innovation is when technology comes along that improves service in sectors that are technologically backwards and unfriendly to consumers.  The SailTimer Wind Instrument™ is wireless, and works with 3rd-party apps and devices. It is simple to install and use, and at US $350 for advance orders it costs a fraction of standard masthead anemometers. 


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