SailTimer makes innovative navigation technology, and now has an equally innovative subscription option.

Lifetime Warranty, Always Have Newest Model

New subscription service for wireless Wind Instrument

Traditionally marine electronics have been expensive. The SailTimer brand has always been about designing better products for sailors at more affordable prices. Our recent polling about interest in low-cost subscriptions had a tremendous response from sailors worldwide. So now in addition to the retail purchase, we are pleased to announce that you can get the most advanced masthead anemometer with a low monthly subscription and a lifetime warranty.

The wireless, solar-powered Wind Instrument RB™ is designed for boats of all sizes. It has the Air Link accessory for NMEA wiring, and also works with lots of great apps on the phone/tablet you already have. 

The SailTimer charting and wind gauge apps are all FREE, with innovative features like Audio Navigation™. You can put your phone/tablet away safe and dry, and use a Bluetooth speaker to hear when wind conditions or boat speed change by more than a set amount. The popular SailTimer chartplotter app on Android and iOS ( supports Navionics charts worldwide, and is the only product that assesses tacking distances to determine your optimal tack headings.

Now there is also a low-cost option for the Wind Instrument RB™. You can still buy it for $549.99, or can now also get it for $24.99 per month. Whether you are summer sailing in Australia now or starting to plan for spring in North America or Europe, order now while supplies last.

Buy or Subscribe

The monthly subscription service includes:

● Lifetime warranty coverage for as long as your plan is active. That’s a first! 

● If a new model comes out, you can upgrade to the newest model for another 24 months at no extra cost. Always have the newest model.

● After 24 months you can turn the subscription off/on whenever you want (e.g. for the off-season).

The Wind Instrument RB™ has a built-in digital compass. This means that unlike most anemometers it does not need to be calibrated when installed, and it measures wind direction (which can be shown on wind maps) not just wind angle. It uses an amazing 80% less power than previous models when not transmitting. This new model has a much larger transmission range of 280 feet (85m). The wind cups are designed for sailboats, and have a new stainless steel axle and ball bearings based on extensive R&D. The Removable Battery is used as the counterweight in the nose cone, on a carbon-fiber pointer. 

See more about the innovative new features at

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