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Audio Navigation - No Screen Needed
A new approach to navigation in update of Wind Gauge app

Smartphone/tablet screens are difficult to see out on the water, especially wearing polarized sunglasses. But sailors need wind speed, wind angle and boat speed.  Version 2.3 of the SailTimer Wind Gauge™ app on Android has just been released, and takes another step into the post-screen era.  No screen needed;  the app just tells you the wind conditions and boat speed, when they change more than set amounts.  It is a new approach to sailboat navigation, like having a little voice in your ear. 


This solves the problem of mounting a tablet/phone in the cockpit to keep it protected and dry.  The wireless SailTimer Wind Instrument™ transmits on Bluetooth from the masthead to your tablet/phone.  The Wind Gauge app then simply announces wind conditions and boat speed, either as they change or if you tap the screen.  This is only audio;  the app does not listen and cause privacy concerns.

It works great with a wireless speaker, as in the video demo above.  The speaker is easy to hear out on the water (since sailboat cockpits are usually pretty quiet, and don’t have a loud motor noise).  The same as if you had a tactician beside you reading out updates.  There are also lots of low-cost Bluetooth earbuds available (for one or both ears), such as these ones on Amazon.  We have never seen anything else like this.  It is pretty amazing to use!  You don't need to look at a screen, your hands are free, and as soon as there is a change you just know the information you need.


Turn the audio feedback off/on with Audio Navigation in the menu.  Then whatever wind data is being displayed on screen gets audio feedback too.  (Audio is also being added to the SailTimer tacking app on iOS.)  Tapping the screen will give you an audio readout of all of the data.  But even that is a bit inconvenient if the tablet is stored safely away, or you have your hands full sailing and navigating.  So you can set the Audio Intervals as shown above, to hear wind conditions and boat speed automatically if they change by set amounts. 






SailTimer Wind Instrument:  Advanced features, low price. 

Tesla cars can get Over-the-Air Updates.  It is pretty amazing that a car can get upgraded features after the owner already has it. With new apps adding the connection to the Wind Instrument on iOS and Android, and new features being added to those apps, the same is true with the SailTimer Wind Instrument™ (such as the new Audio Navigation above).

The Wind Instrument is wireless, so no wires to install down the mast.  Works with lots of apps on Android and iOS.  For boats of all sizes -- no 12v battery required.  Submersible.  Digital compass right in the wind direction arrow, so it works with a rotating mast.  The only anemometer designed for sailboats:  when sailing along heeled over, the wind cups turn into propellers to maintain equal accuracy.  You can even raise it for quick use without needing to lower or climb the mast.  $350 - ships within 7 days.


SailTimer Air Link:  Connects wired and wireless devices. 

The Air Link can receive Bluetooth transmissions from the Wind Instrument, and has wiring terminals to send wind data to NMEA devices like the GPS chartplotter in the photo at left. 

If you have a wired anemometer, the Air Link can retransmit all incoming NMEA data on wifi to mobile apps such as MID WiFi, Sail Buddy, iSailor or iRegatta. 

It can even let you check the wind and temperature on your boat in a web browser from home or office.  $299 - details here.



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