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AFTrack SailTimer Edition™ connects to SailTimer Wind Instrument™

AFTrack is a rare example of an Android app that can overlay sailboat laylines on marine charts.  As you can see in the screenshots below, AFTrack can display vector and raster charts.  Android users may be pleased to know that there is a new version:  the new AFTrack SailTimer Edition™ (free) includes a connection to the wireless SailTimer Wind Instrument™ to display Apparent and True wind speed and direction. In the lower right corner of the map screens below, you can also see a small red wind gauge. 

vector.png plugin.png noaa.png

If you already use AFTrack, you can add the AFTrack SailTimer™ Plugin to display the wind gauge in your existing app. Here is a link to the apps on Android and iOS that can connect to the SailTimer Wind Instrument™, with more on the way.

Wireless, solar-powered SailTimer Wind Instrument™

The 2016 version of the SailTimer Wind Instrument™ has the lowest price on the market, but is also setting standards with its many innovations.  As you can see in the product photos on the web site, the Wind Instrument is shorter than a handheld wind meter, and suitable for boats of all sizes.  Because it is submersible and does not require a 12-volt battery, it is the first masthead anemometer that can even be used on small sailboats that could flip.  It is easy to take a tablet or smartphone out sailing now in a waterproof bag/case, and now you can have full chartplotting, tacking routes, GPS speed & tracks, graphs of wind and boat speed, and wind electronics.  The new 2016 version also has a new antenna arrangement for tall masts and keelboats.  You can even raise it without needing to climb or lower the mast.  See the entire list of features and innovations at


Shipping update for pre-orders

Our customer support is provided by our actual developers, not by a generic call center overseas.  When you need technical support or have product enquiries, you get prompt replies from our developers who are also expert sailors and navigators.  To keep time available for technical support and navigational discussions, we try to provide shipping updates in group email mail-outs, or in the newsletter here.  We hope you understand.  That's the best way to keep our developers available for technical support and to keep the prices low. 

We are continuing to ship the new version, and working hard to ship all remaining 2015 pre-orders within the next 4 weeks.  If you ordered recently, your projected delivery timeframe was shown on the shopping cart page where you ordered. If you have a pre-order that you are waiting for now, it is difficult to predict an exact delivery day, but you’ll receive a tracking number when your package is sent. It won’t be long now.  

The 2016 version shown above is completely new and re-engineered.  We are now scaling up the manufacturing to have inventory on hand that meets worldwide demand.  We are not, with giant warehouses and conveyor belts that can ship out 50,000 boxes an hour.  So it takes some time to work through the orders.  But this keeps the price low, and gets you the anemometer with the best features and innovations.  Big established manufacturers are often not very good at innovating (and their marine products tend to be very over-priced).

Another difference compared to masthead anemometers from the major manufacturers is that this isn't a one-time purchase. The wireless SailTimer Wind Instrument™ is a connected device.  With added features in new apps and updates, the Wind Instrument actually becomes more useful over time.


Spring Sale

Although the retail price is $499 US, you can get the SailTimer Wind Instrument™ on sale for $349.99 with advance orders. Order now for spring delivery (northern hemisphere).  New orders will be shipping in April with free upgrades to FedEx courier delivery.



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