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The new SailTimer Wind Instrument

A lot of people have been writing in, wondering when they will be able to order the next-generation SailTimer Wind Instrument™.  We haven't wanted to release product information on this innovative new design prematurely.  But SailTimer Inc. is now preparing to announce the product specifications and pre-ordering for the new version of its wireless, solar-powered anemometer in the coming weeks. The new SailTimer Wind Instrument™ is a complete redesign of the previous version. This R&D resulted in innovative new features and a lower price for this advanced technology.

This is the first masthead anemometer designed for sailboats:  when your boat heels over, the spinning blades on the new Wind Instrument are unaffected, and maintain equal accuracy.  That is a pretty important innovation for sailors.  Traditional cup, ultrasonic and propeller anemometers were all designed to be used upright, not on a heeling sailboat.  They all respond less when the boat heels over and the wind approaches them from underneath.  But the new SailTimer Wind Instrument™ has a patented blade design. These blades have an amazing property:  they work like wind cups when the boat is upright, but like a propeller when the boat is heeled over.  That gives you consistent accuracy regardless of the boat's heel. 

Here's a sneak preview:


This new SailTimer Wind Instrument™ will be available for pre-order for US $350 online, and will later retail for $449.99. 

You can get more information at, but here is a brief list of some of the new innovations and features:  solar-powered, wireless (so no wiring to install down the mast and through the boat), submersible, small enough for sailboats of all sizes.  This is the only masthead anemometer in the world that can transmit wind speed & direction through the air to smartphones and tablets.  As you'll see on the web site, it also uses the NMEA0183 format, to work with many different apps, and has an optional receiver that plugs in to onboard NMEA0183 networks.

The company has been working hard to have the Wind Instrument available soon, and hopes to announce preordering in early December. That depends on logistics in the supply chain. Further updates in the coming weeks. 


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