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Wireless, solar-powered SailTimer Wind Instrument

Time to plan ahead, if you want to have the new SailTimer Wind Instrument™ for spring launching.

The new Wind Instrument was on display at the Paris Nautic boat show in December with iTabNav, and then with the Corsair trimarans at the Dusseldorf Boat Show in January.  The initial inventory sold out before the manufacturing was even finished, and we are scaling it up.  There seems to be a lot of interest in a masthead anemometer that can transmit to a variety of apps on tablets and smartphones (and to onboard NMEA networks).  It is wireless, so there are no wires to install, which also reduces the noise and weight in the mast. 

Click to view full size.

SailTimer Inc. made the first-ever masthead anemometer that could transmit to mobile devices, and this next generation has improved features and a lower price (US$ 449.99).  The photo at right below shows how much smaller the new Wind Instrument is than our previous version.  It has some amazing new innovations that are setting a new standard.  For example, there have been a lot of centerboard sailboats made since the advent of fiberglass in the early 1960s, but many have never had electronics like an anemometer, tacking results and chartplotting.  But that is very accessible now, with mobile devices in a waterproof bag or case, and the new submersible masthead unit.  As you can see in the pre-release versions below (which lack the final colors on the tail), the new Wind Instrument is even small enough for sailing dinghies. 

Smaller new design for sailboats of all sizes. Click to view full size.

There is a digital compass built in to the wind direction arrow, so this is is the first masthead anemometer that we know of that is designed to work with rotating masts.  You don't need to calibrate it with the bow of your boat when installing;  it knows which way it is pointing already. 

We are taking orders now for April delivery.  If you want the new SailTimer Wind Instrument™ for spring, order now before it is sold out again.  Check out the following page for full details.


SailTimer™ app new update:

Multi-Waypoint Tacking Routes

A new version of the SailTimer™ app (and the free Charts Edition of the app) is being submitted to iTunes this month.  The new version 5.6.1 adds support for the new SailTimer Wind Instrument™, but also adds a major new feature with tacking routes.  It lets you mark a sequence of waypoints (or paste in the lat/long coordinates), save them as a tacking route, and then see your optimal tacks as you sail through the route.  More on that in the next newsletter.

The Charts Edition of the app is free with several optional in-app purchases that you can add a-la-carte.  Or you can get the SailTimer app for US $13.99, with those in-app purchases included.  Either way is excellent value, considering the advanced tacking results you get.

Getting your optimal tacks and Tacking Time to Destination with the Input button is really simple: (1) Select the route you want on the Bearing panel.  (2) On the Wind panel, you can manually enter the true wind direction and speed (but skip this step if using the wireless Wind Instrument).  (3) Press Optimal Route.  That's it! 



Special Discount for
Yacht Clubs & Sailing Clubs

$25 US off each Wind Instrument with group orders.  Best to order well in advance of launch day.   Email to let us know about your group order, and we'll send you the shopping cart page for group ordering with the discount.  You can submit one bulk order, or for convenience each member can order individually, including the club name after their name in the online shopping cart.


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