The Wind Instrument RB™ is wireless and solar-powered, transmitting from the masthead to your smartphone/tablet or the Air Link adapter for NMEA wiring.

How to Get the Most Out of Navigation Apps

Daily downloads for the SailTimer chartplotter app have been doubling about every 3 weeks through the pandemic and spring boat launching in the Northern Hemisphere. With all of the new app users, this seems like a good time to recap a few of the innovative features available when using the wireless Wind Instrument RB™ with the app. 
The free SailTimer chartplotting app is the only product that uses tacking distances to determine your optimal tacks. This is a huge advantage, whether you are a racer or a cruiser, or even just out going where the wind takes you for the day. Obviously if you want to determine the fastest route, you need to account for the distance you will sail. The above-right panel shows optimal tacks between multiple waypoints in the Android version.

When you open the app, a list of waypoint routes comes up. Just select one, and your optimal tacks are displayed. If you have a wireless connection to the Wind Instrument, as the wind changes your optimal tacks update automatically. 

There is a wind gauge in the SailTimer chartplotter app on Android, although we also have a separate Wind Gauge app on Android (above center) with a few more features and controls. 

Audio Navigation: Since tablets/smartphones are hard to see in bright sun, all SailTimer apps have an audio interface. You can put your tablet/phone away safe and dry, and use the speaker or a Bluetooth speaker or earbuds. The audio controls are a bit different in each different app, but may include hearing wind data and boat speed with a tap on the screen, in regular intervals, or whenever they change by more than a set amount. In iOS the audio even works with the screen off, which reduces heat and power consumption.
The screenshot above is from the free iOS version of the SailTimer tacking app. Both the iOS and Android versions allow you to view your GPS track. Send a screenshot to show all that tacking that you did. Both also allow you to import Navionics marine charts.

The graph of wind speeds below is from the iOS version. When wind data is coming in from the wireless Wind Instrument, you can display up to the last 24 hours like this. We are also continuing to build out cloud services, so that you can see graphs of wind conditions online (e.g. to check live wind conditions at your boat or yacht club from home), and in future will be able to navigate knowing wind zones up ahead. 

SailTimer made the first-ever masthead anemometer that could transmit to smartphones, and the Wind Instrument RB with a Removable Battery is our newest model. All SailTimer apps are free, but the Wind Instrument works with a list of other great apps too. 2-year warranty. Marine grade. With over-the-air updates and new apps and features, it gets better over time.

This is the only anemometer designed for sailboats. Ultrasonic, propeller and standard wind cups lose accuracy when sailing along heeled over. If you want accurate wind data, our patented wind cup blades are the only design that does not lose accuracy when heeling. The Wind Instrument RB also has a carbon-fiber pointer to reduce weight. You deserve the best.

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