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Announcing the new Wind Instrument RB
New features and price option for the holidays

Just in time for Black Friday, this is a preliminary announcement of the new SailTimer Wind Instrument RB™.  We are pleased to announce that the new "RB" model has a Replaceable Battery.  This is a great new feature, but it required a lengthy engineering process about how to avoid leaks from a battery compartment into the electronics.  What if we could put the battery inside the nose cone, and use the battery as the counter-weight?

carbon-fiber_sm.jpg Carbon fiber arm to new battery nose cone.

The new Wind Instrument RB (patent pending) is the first anemometer that uses a battery as the counterweight in the nose cone.  Any user who has ever had a flat battery will know that this is an amazing design innovation.  The weight is also reduced by removing the solid aluminum pointer arm, which is now a lighter but stronger carbon fiber tube. 

The wind cups look the same, but have the new stainless steel axle with a new long-life silent bushing in the cups.  The flat surfaces on the upper half of the tail are still solar panels, which now have a translucent injection-molded shell that is hermetically sealed to waterproof the electronics.  Only the mounting rod is unchanged.

No more worries about battery care or solar charging:  if the battery is flat, it can simply be plugged into a wall charger or replaced.  In the past there have been issues with the magnet blue cap for the off-switch accidentally magnetizing the steel battery case, affecting the compass.  But the new RB model does not require the blue cap since the battery can be removed in the off-season.  And if you want to try to leave the Wind Instrument RB on the mast for winter storage, if the battery didn't survive an extended cold period, it can just be replaced. 

The photo above shows a prototype, and we expect to have limited quantities in stock in January, with full inventory in March.  Why are we announcing this for Black Friday and the holidays?  You'll be able to get the new Wind Instrument RB as low as $549.99 in 2019.  But you can still order the current model of the SailTimer Wind Instrument™ (the 5th-generation) until around the end of December for $350.  The apps and functions are all the same, so now you have a choice:

a) If you want the best price at $350, you'll never see this (or any other) masthead anemometer at a lower price, so you can order now through December while quantities last.

b) Free waiting list for Wind Instrument RB ($549.99):  The initial RB stock in January won't last long, so please email here to put your name on a waiting list with no risk or obligation.  We'll plan to follow up with you about ordering when your name comes up on the list from January through March.

 beached_sm.jpg For boats of all sizes.

Product Summary in Podcast Interview from Annapolis Boat Show 

SailTimer made the first-ever anemometer that could transmit to smartphones/tablets. The Wind Instrument was a totally new design specifically for sailboats, with lots of innovations.  These features were discussed in a recent interview at the Annapolis Boat Show, which is now available in Episode 97 of the Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast.  There is an mp3 on that page, or you can find it in your favorite podcast app.  The interview is about 5 minutes, beginning at about 32 minutes and 37 seconds into the episode. 




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