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The Rise of Crowdsourcing in the Sailing Community
Better Wind Maps and Navigation

Weather forecasts have been used because it is a problem to have enough sensors to get live data on actual wind conditions in many locations.  The SailTimer Wind Instrument™ is wireless, it has features from a variety of apps, it is low cost at $350US, and you can simply look up and see the wind direction.  Because it is wireless, it is easier to install with no wires to run down the mast and through the boat, less weight and no pinging inside the mast.  Being wireless also means the Wind Instrument is a connected sensor that can share data.  As distribution continues to ramp up, more and more sailors around the world are sharing wind and GPS data at Each of the orange pins below show recent wind conditions and/or GPS tracks in precise locations worldwide. 

More than 15 million data points are available, with just recent users displayed. At you can simply click on an orange pin to see recent wind conditions in that location.  You can zoom in on the free worldwide marine charts, such as recent examples from Europe, North America or the East Coast of USA/Canada.  The orange pins also change frequently, and new users were recently also sharing in India and China.

The new 5th-generation Wind Instrument also sends temperature. You can see that on your tablet/phone, but it is especially useful for checking the temperature remotely at (with the menu option “Live Wind Map - Select Wind Instrument to Graph”), like in the screenshot below. There are wind barbs for any boats with live data;  click on one to see the graphs below.  Then you can check the temperature out on the water for the boat selected, or perhaps check the temperature on your boat from home or office. Or while you are out sailing, for safety someone else could keep an eye on where you got to or when you’ll get back using any browser, and they could even see the temperature where you are.

Sometimes you want to know when you can get an early start, or if the wind peaks in the afternoon, or when it will die down in the evening.  As you can see from the screenshot below, clicking on an orange pin gives you average wind speeds by time of day. (If you can't see this new button, just reload the page.)  At you can see the same display with aerial photos like below, land maps, or free worldwide marine charts

With any orange pin, click on the top button to see a graph like this one:

The more everyone shares, the better the wind maps get.  You can share anonymously, or display your boat/username.  So many uses... 
• Check live wind conditions.
• Let others monitor your location for safety (or to know when you'll be home for dinner). 
• Show club races live online. 
• Use the graphs for race officials to set marks. 
• Share your cruising route.
Replay wind conditions and GPS tracks for performance analysis.
• Show someone your gunkholing adventure and how many tacks you had to do. 
• Plan your trip using live wind conditions, not a regional weather forecast made hours ago. 
• Make tacking decisions based on winds from boats up ahead, close to shore or on the open water. 
• Marinas, sailing clubs and charter bases can show live wind conditions from their location to their members and visitors.

These are powerful tools for sailing that have never been possible before.  All free at in any web browser.
+ discount page for factory seconds available now

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