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The solar-powered SailTimer Wind Instrument™
Balanced, Small & Wireless

Holiday Sale Now On

To help celebrate the holiday season, we are pleased to announce that the 4th generation of the wireless, solar-powered SailTimer Wind Instrument™ is on sale for $349.99 US. That is an incredible price for a masthead anemometer, especially one with so many innovations. For example, we seal all of the electronics right in the tail section.  How well does it balance that way?  It has a vertical design so that it is not a perch for seagulls, but can it stand up on its own?  See for yourself in this 48-sec. YouTube clip:

The tail looks bigger and heavier, but this is actually an optical illusion. The nose cone is made of brass, which is heavier than steel (and non-corrosive). The nose cone is also using leverage, because it is farther out from the axis of rotation. There is also an air pocket in-between the solar panels in the tail.  So even without the mounting rod, it is actually easy to just set the Wind Instrument upright on a table and spin it around, or on a wharf in this case. The Wind Instrument balances and rotates in the breeze. The tail does not weigh it down.

Unlike traditional masthead anemometers, the SailTimer Wind Instrument™ is not much bigger than your hand. So it is the first masthead anemometer that can be used on small sailboats (especially because it is submersible). 

Our masthead anemometers were the first ever that could transmit to smartphones, starting in 2012.  The innovative design of the newest Wind Instrument also makes it the only masthead anemometer that can be raised from deck level without climbing or lowering the mast, the only one with wind cups designed for sailing along heeled over, the only one with a digital compass right in the wind direction arrow, and the only anemometer that works with rotating masts.  It is also the only masthead anemometer with crowd-sourcing, and we are starting to use it to populate live wind maps. Live wind maps are much more useful than a coarse marine weather forecast made hours ago.



SailTimer Mini-Server™
Connects wireless and wired devices.
Official launch in the next issue.


Factory Expansion, Inventory & Retail Pricing
With much larger new larger factory space, we are in the process of substantially scaling up the manufacturing and inventory, due to the worldwide demand for the innovative, low-cost Wind Instrument.  These holiday sale orders are being built in our new larger manufacturing facilities.

By taking advantage of the holiday sale, ordering in advance gives you a substantial discount, with shipping slated for late January - February.  This is the last chance for advance orders at a discount;  after the new inventory is in stock, we'll have normal retail pricing. 

Any remaining orders still on the waiting list in January will be first to go out with the larger production inventory. No need to check with us about your shipping date;  we can't tell the future date an individual order may ship worldwide with any degree of accuracy.  But it is in the works, don't worry.  We don't use a big call center, to keep prices low for you.  Our personnel need to prioritize technical support issues, and provide responses within a few hours. 

Factory seconds:  There are a small number of Wind Instruments available with minor blemishes.  If you have pre-ordered but prefer to get a factory second shipped now, email and if there are any available we'll send one right out and email a FedEx tracking number (or hold your email in case one comes available soon).  If you wish to order a factory second before they are all snapped up, they are on the accessories page in the online shopping cart.


Enter the Future of Navigation

The suggested retail price for the Wind Instrument is $499, but it is on sale now.  We ship worldwide, and have low rates with FedEx because of our volumes.  An envelope under the tree with a picture of this wireless beauty on the way would make any sailor happy.

The Wind Instrument works with lots of apps on Android and iOS.  The free SailTimer Charts Edition on iOS has better features for sailboat navigation than even the most expensive GPS chartplotters.  It can learn the unique polar plots for your boat, and is the only product of any kind that uses your tacking distances to calculate your Tacking Time to Destination (TTD ®).  When using the Wind Instrument with this app, anytime the wind changes your optimal tacks update automatically.

The SailTimer Wind Instrument™ is a connected device.  That means that this isn't a one-time purchase;  with new features in all of the apps and updates, the Wind Instrument actually becomes more useful over time.




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