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Get Wind Data on your

Solar-powered.  Wireless.  And on sale at $579 US for a limited time. 

With the SailTimer Wind Vane, you can use the beautiful display on your smartphone or tablet, and don't need to spend an extra $600+ on an additional single-purpose LCD screen (that is going to sit in storage during the off-season). 


Because the Sailtimer Wind Vane is wireless, there are no wires to install down the mast or through the cabin walls and under the cockpit to the helm.  That also means less weight, and less noise in the mast than with a standard anemometer.

This is the only marine anemometer that can send wind data through the air to your smartpone or tablet.  It uses wifi for iPad, iPhone or iPod, and Bluetooth for Android.

If you have real-time wind data being sent from the SailTimer Wind Vane, it lets you get amazing tacking results in the SailTimer app.  Display a graph of wind and boat speeds for the day.  Show both True and Apparent wind speed and direction.  Generate polar plots for your individual boat.  As the wind changes, your tacking results update in the app automatically.

Get the SailTimer Wind Vane for sailing this summer.


How to Display Optimal

How do I display my optimal tacks in the SailTimer app?  It is easy. Under Input - Bearing, select the waypoint you want to go to. Press "Optimal Route".  That's it.

Then you can see your optimal tacks displayed as a chart overlay, the exact distance on each tack, and your Tacking Time to Destination.

If you have the SailTimer Wind Vane, as the wind changes you can see the tacking results update automatically.  You can also get the optimal tacking results if you don't have the Wind Vane, by manually entering the wind speed and direction.

In the past, polar plots were advanced functions that were costly, and difficult to use.  But the SailTimer app makes it easy for ordinary sailors to use polar plots now.  You can activate polar learning for under $10 as an in-app purchase.  Then, your optimal tacks will take into account your individual sailboat's unique speed profile and tacking angles for all wind speeds and wind directions. 


SailTimer Wind Vane is also supported by
Other Apps

More and more apps are using the SailTimer Wind Vane, since it is the only marine anemometer that can send wind data to a tablet or smartphone:  Boat Instruments, iRegatta, iNavX, Marine Instruments Display (MID)... See the list here.

In addition, SailTimer Inc. makes the full-featured Sailtimer app for iOS, and free Wind Gauge apps for Android and j2me/Nokia devices.


Free SailTimer app and
99-cent NOAA charts

The SailTimer app is a full chartplotter for your iPad/iPhone. It will overlay your optimal tacks on a chart, and calculates your Tacking Time to Destination.  The app is FREE in countries where we have hydrographic charts available (where it is called the Charts Edition). 

Beginning-of-summer promotion:  If you haven't tried the SailTimer app yet, from now until May 20th we are offering the official US hydrographic charts for 99 cents!  Get the app in iTunes.  Under Options - Charts, you'll see the NOAA charts for all US waters, even including Hawaii (as shown at left). 

Even our regular price for large US chart regions is a steal at $16, compared to traditional prices for paper charts and cartridges. But it is pretty hard to beat a free chartplotter app with advanced sailboat navigation functions AND huge chart regions for 99-cents.  Tell a friend


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