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SailTimer Audio Tacking™ - no more screen
New Android App + Holiday Sale

We are pleased to announce a new interface specifically designed for sailors.  Tablets and smartphones are hard to see out on the water.  GPS chartplotters are expensive and don't have the SailTimer™ optimal tacks and Tacking Time to Destination (TTD ®).   But what if you could easily get wind speed, boat speed, wind angle/direction and your optimal tacks, and at a low cost?  With no fumbling with an LCD screen you can't see out in the sun, and your tablet/smartphone safe and dry...  This is the launch of a new crowdfunding campaign to build an audio interface for Android and iOS.  As a backer, you can get the best price of the year on the wireless, solar-powered SailTimer Wind Instrument™, and help us to build a better interface for sailing.

Too much reflection - if only there was a better interface.

Audio Changes Everything
Quick and easy to use:  1. Connect to the Wind Instrument on Bluetooth.  2. Select waypoint(s). 3. That's it; your optimal tacks update automatically as your location and wind conditions change.  An audio interface keeps your hands free for sailing.  Check out the Indiegogo page for how it works, and the sale prices.  Pre-order Audio Tacking for Android or iOS for as little as $20 US, or get a wireless Wind Instrument for as little as $315. 

The wireless, solar-powered SailTimer Wind Instrument™ is in stock for immediate delivery. The website has all of the product information, but you can get the best price of the year at the crowdfunding page.  The Wind Instrument is made in the USA and Canada, and there is no customs duty if you are in Europe or Britain because of the new CETA free trade agreement.  Plus, VAT is only on the hardware that is delivered ($150), not on the cloud server and software.  Order now in time for the holidays.

WHAT YOU HEAR: “Wind speed 7.8 knots. Boat speed 4.2 knots. Heading 192 degrees. Bearing starboard 17 degrees would save 1 hour 12 minutes.”

This is a simple message. But it is actually very sophisticated data. What other product can tell you your optimal tack, and how much time you can save by adjusting your heading?  Just tap the screen any time you want to hear SailTimer Audio Tacking™ (even if the screen is off to save power).  You can also set how much of a change you want before an audio notification. There are also options for what to hear:   Apparent/True wind, heading, wind angle/direction, TTD, tacking distance, bearing of optimal tack, and how long until the next tack (time and/or distance).

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Optimal Tacks and TTD in New Android App
We are also pleased to finally announce a plan for an Android app with the SailTimer™ optimal tacks and Tacking Time to Destination (TTD ®).  We do already have the SailTimer Wind Gauge™ app on Android.  But now we are ready to make a free Android app where you can see maps and aerial photos, and overlay your tacking results -- like the free SailTimer tacking app on iOS. We recently added worldwide Navionics vector charts to the iOS version, which download fast, have no seams and no pixellation.  This is great for sailors in Australia, since it is the first time that optimal tacks and TTD can be displayed on Australian marine charts.  It is not clear if/when Navionics charts will be available for our new Android app.  But we are envisioning the next generation of interfaces:  for out on the water, this will be the un-app.  An app we want you to pick up as little as possible.  The app will just tell you the information you need for navigating, like a voice in your head.

Sailboat navigation is entering a new era with wireless electronics, and a powerful computer with a GPS in everyone's pocket on boats of all sizes.    We are finally ready to make the SailTimer tacking functions available on both Android and iOS.  But it doesn't help to display your optimal tacks and Tacking Time to Destination (TTD) if you can't see them.  With your help, we can solve this problem.



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