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API version 1.1 now in iTunes

The wireless transmissions from the SailTimer Wind Instrument™ are sent to a small app on iOS/Android called the SailTimer API™, which prepares the data for viewing in a chartplotter, navigation, racing or wind gauge app.  For iOS users, a new version of the SailTimer API is now available, with support for iOS 9 and some other improvements to calculations for Apparent/True wind and battery levels.


Wind Graphs of Winter Storms
In the off-season, you can check wind speeds from inside with the Wind Instrument, to monitor winter storms.  The 1-minute YouTube clip above is a winter storm this week on the east coast of North America.  Fall storms are typical for this time of year, when there is still a month left in hurricane season. 

The wind speed and direction are shown in the clip with the free SailTimer™ app (Charts Edition), although iRegatta is one of the other apps that is currently implementing support, to display real-time wind speed and direction soon.  Once we have finished testing iRegatta with the wireless Wind Instrument, a link will be placed on the website for the Wind Instrument.

We have the small-boat Wind Instrument in stock ($349.99 US), shown in the clip above transmitting to inside the house.  Next year's version will be announced soon, with a number of new features and improvements:  an off-switch for storage in the off-season, and a different antenna arrangement for taller masts and keel boats (regularly $499.99, but with a discount for those on the waiting list to $449.99). 

With the existing waiting list, the next production run is nearly all sold out in advance.  But you can go on the free notification list now at the Order link below.  Depending on when you sign up, you may still be able to get shipping in December, or with the subsequent shipping in January.



The SailTimer Wind Instrument™ is wireless and solar-powered.  SailTimer Inc. made the first masthead anemometer in the world that could transmit to mobile devices, and the Wind Instrument continues to set new standards.  It is the first anemometer with a digital compass built right in to the wind direction arrow.  The electronics are encapsulated in plastic, so there is no worry about condensation inside a case, or leaky gaskets.  It is submersible, so it can even be used on small boats that flip (and there is no 12-volt battery required). Because it is wireless, this is the only anemometer that you can raise from deck level until you get a chance to bolt it on permanently.  It is also the only anemometer that works with rotating masts.  But perhaps most important of all is the wind cups (patent pending), which are the first anemometer cups designed for sailboats.  Unlike standard hemisphere cups and propeller anemometers, these maintain their accuracy when the wind is coming from below, while sailing along heeled over. 


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