Optimal tacking route updates automatically with data coming in from wireless Wind Instrument. Black Friday special here.

Android version of SailTimer app
Display the tack headings to get there fastest

The SailTimer™ app displays your optimal tacking route and Tacking Time to Destination (TTD ®). We are proud to announce that after extensive development, the Android version is now available free in Google Play.  

A full chartplotter, with amazing sailing functions. As shown in the screenshot above (full size here), the Android version will calculate the optimal tacks through your entire waypoint route.  Making a route is easy: just tap to mark locations for waypoints, or paste in a list of coordinates. You can enter wind direction and speed manually or receive wind data through the air from the wireless SailTimer Wind Instrument™.
The app comes with free aerial photos and land maps worldwide. Or import Navionics charts, which work great on smartphones/tablets. No seams, quick download and fast display. Zoom in as much as you want, with no pixellation.
Import worldwide Navionics charts. Or if sailing in familiar waters, put the screen away and use audio feedback.  Full details in Google Play.
The app can also learn a custom polar plot (performance profile) for your boat. Polar plots show your boat performance and pointing on all wind angles and speeds, which helps to determine your optimal tack headings.  A generic polar is also available in the app, and polars can be edited or imported. This is not just another map viewer; it has unique functions for sailboat navigation. The only product that uses polar plots and tacking distances to calculate your optimal tacks.

The simplest and best navigation for sailors!
Black Friday Bonus Pack
The Wind Instrument RB™ is our newest model, with remarkable innovations. It is wireless and solar-powered, and works with lots of cruising, performance and wind gauge apps on iOS and Android. The new model has a Replaceable Battery (RB) in the nose cone and a carbon-fiber pointer to reduce weight. The transmission distance is rated at 280 feet (85m) for even the tallest masts.

At $549.99 it has the lowest price and best features. New stock has arrived and is shipping now. If you pre-ordered you'll receive a FedEx tracking number when your package is on the way. 

Order now and get the Black Friday Bonus Pack, with an extra lithium LFP battery, an extra 9" mounting rod with fasteners for home or wharf, a quick-release black nylon wing nut ($53.91 total value), and free worldwide FedEx delivery to your doorstep. Only until midnight on Black Friday (November 29th). 

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