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With spring on the horizon (in the northern hemisphere), we have been hearing from a lot of sailors who are starting to plan for spring launches.  A number of new capabilities will be rolled out soon for SailTimer products:  new features in the Android API for the wireless SailTimer Wind Instrument, updates for sharing/graphing/replaying GPS tracks and wind conditions at;  and adding crowd-sourced live wind data to the SailTimer chartplotter app on iOS.  So it seems like a good time to start sharing some updates...

SailTimer Mini-Server™

Connects Wireless and Wired Devices

Choose the color you want.

The SailTimer Mini-Server™ is a waterproof 12-volt accessory for connecting wired and wireless devices and the cloud.  With small dimensions, you can easily hold it in one hand.  What can you do with it?  (1) If you have a GPS chartplotter or MFD and want to add the wireless SailTimer Wind Instrument, the Mini-Server can receive the Bluetooth LE transmissions from the masthead, and connect NMEA 0183 wires to your chartplotter.  (2) The Mini-Server has wifi also, so it can also let you send data from your old wired anemometer to mobile apps.  (3) It even works with any web browser.  Full details are available on the web site, but one other cool capability is that if you have wifi at your boat, the Mini-Server can let you check wind conditions at your boat from home or office.  That has never been possible before.

The Mini-Server is now shipping and there is still a limited quantity from the first production run in stock.  On the order page, you can choose the color you like.  If you are waiting for yours to ship, we could send a default neutral color, but drop us a line with your color preference.


2017 Timeframe & New Axle

The SailTimer Wind Instrument™ is most advanced masthead anemometer worldwide (and also the lowest-priced). That combination makes it very popular, so we have moved to much larger manufacturing facilities.  The next production run is underway now for the 2017 model. 

But even before that rolls out, all shipments now include the new 2017 high-performance axle.  This is the second generation of our AirGap axle, and it is quiet and maintenance-free.  This new version for 2017 is machined to extreme levels of precision.  The "tolerance" -- the amount the finished product is allowed to deviate from the design spec -- is just 0.001 inch.

The next production run is expected to start shipping through March and should catch up on all advance orders worldwide.  We are working hard to get all pre-orders shipped for spring launches.

We appreciate your support.  We are the underdogs here, making innovative new features for sailboat navigation at more affordable prices. SailTimer Inc. pioneered advanced navigation features like polar plot learning and Tacking Time to Destination (TTD), making them accessible to ordinary sailors.  You don't need to be a sponsored race team, and you don't need a professional tactician to figure them out.  We do not have the advertising budgets of the major marine electronics manufacturers who have full-page ads in every sailing magazine.  But we are setting new standards, and appreciate your patience as we continue to scale up manufacturing for the sailing community worldwide.

New electronics products often require a 4-5 year timeframe. But we are moving much faster than that, and had two new generations in 2016 alone.

The retail price when the Wind Instrument is in stock is US $499.  But you you can still pre-order for $350



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