Year-End Updates

Wow; more than 50,000 people have downloaded the free SailTimer tacking app on Android (plus iPad and iPhone downloads). You can see the download number on the Android app store page. The iOS version is a full chartplotter that has been available since 2009, but the Android version only came out 2 years ago.

Racers measure VMG into the wind on the first upwind leg of races, but the SailTimer app can quickly and easily display your optimal tacks on all points of sail. Of all of the GPS chartplotters and apps out there, the patented SailTimer app is the only product that uses tacking distances to calculate your optimal tacks and Tacking Time to Destination (TTD ®).

You can see how easy it is to generate your optimal tacks in this 1-minute YouTube video. When using the app with the SailTimer Wind Instrument RB™, any time your position or the wind changes your optimal tacks update automatically.

Most Advanced Features, Lowest Price

The SailTimer Wind Instrument RB™ has a Removable Battery in nose cone. Wireless and solar-powered. Works with lots of apps. For boats of all sizes. You can also put the phone/tablet away and use Audio Navigation™, to keep your hands and eyes free for sailing.

There is also a new version of the SailTimer Air Link™ accessory in the works for connecting to NMEA wiring. The new version will support both NMEA 0183 and 2000. We'll post updates on availability here as work progresses through this off-season (in the Northern Hemisphere). One of the main reasons it is being redesigned is to get the retail price under $100. Add your name to the no-obligation notification list.

Holiday Bonus Continues: Until the end of this year, get all of the optional mounting hardware from the Accessories page free with your Wind Instrument order:  L-Bracket and Track Slider for raising the Wind Instrument on a halyard, plus a stainless steel quick-release wing nut. This is the only masthead anemometer that you can raise without lowering or climbing the mast.

Order here:  just $470 or $26.99 per month. Supply chains are sketchy these days so order now while we have it in stock. Next-day shipping by FedEx.

Testing High Winds

How do you test near-hurricane winds when there is no hurricane? The photo above is courtesy of Weather Tactics in California, USA. Even highway driving is not as fast as a category-1 hurricane. But we are often doing high-wind testing of the Wind Instrument, or app tests with functions like True versus Apparent Wind Speed. With many brands of anemometer there may be no way that you can tell how accurate their display of True Wind is. But in recent months we have done numerous updates to ensure precision of the NMEA streaming data displayed in the SailTimer API apps on Android and iOS.

SailTimer has been working closely with Weather Tactics in recent months, using their meteorology expertise with our upcoming crowdsourced wind maps. We announced some of the early steps in 2015 and 2019, and will have a major new product release in the new year.

On the topic of road tests, our new wireless Speedy Trailer Lights were announced a few issues ago, and are now in final testing. No wires to connect in the vehicle, and no wiring on the trailer. Pretty amazing. If you want to be first to know when they start to be available in a few months, you can join the Notification List.


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