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Announcing the SailTimer Air Link™ NMEA Connector
Connects wireless and wired devices

Let's say you have a GPS chartplotter, and you want to add a low-cost masthead wind sensor.  Maybe you are in the warm weather for sailing season now, or are getting things organized in the off-season.  The SailTimer Wind Instrument™ is wireless, so there are no wires to install down the mast.  But how to get the wind data into your chartplotter?  Solution:  the new SailTimer Air Link™.  It can receive Bluetooth transmissions from the masthead, and has NMEA 0183 terminals for a wired connection in to your chartplotter.

Or maybe you already have a wired anemometer and GPS chartplotter, but want to use those with innovative sailing apps on your tablet/smartphone, and with online viewing.  The Air Link can do that too.

New Features
The most obvious change with version 2 of our NMEA connector is the durable new waterproof case, with mounting tabs on each end.  The electronics inside the case are encapsulated in resin to protect them from moisture onboard.  The metal in the green wiring terminals is non-corrosive brass.

Under the hood, this new version has a software update to improve stability and adjust the baud rate menu.  It has updated wireless security to match the newest Wind Instrument.  There is a new option to log out and do a factory reset.  Since the 5th-generation Wind Instrument can also transmit temperature to apps or for online viewing, the Air Link now supports temperature.  The Air Link has wifi, so if you have a wired anemometer, it can send all wired NMEA 0183 data to apps on your tablet or smartphone.  You can even leave it connected to marina wifi, and check the temperature and wind conditions online from home or office. 

The new Air Link starts shipping in mid-December ($299.99 US).  If ordering the pair, we can send Wind Instrument orders in time for Christmas, and can send on the Air Link in a second shipment soon after.  Order here and get a holiday bonus for orders throughout December:  you can select free shipping on the second package in North America, or get an automatic $20 rebate on shipping the second package anywhere else in the world.  Any questions, our Customer Service will sort it out for you right away.

SailTimer Audio Tacking™

For the lowest price of the year on the wireless SailTimer Wind Instrument™ our crowdfunding campaign is not over yet.  SailTimer Audio Tacking™ is an amazingly simple interface for wind speed, boat speed and optimal tacks.  It is like a voice inside your head:  rather than squinting at a tablet/smartphone screen that you can't see out on the water, the app just tells you all the information you need:  boat speed, wind speed, wind angle, and whether you should adjust your heading to get your optimal tack. 

This could be a big breakthrough for sailboat navigation, if you can simply hear navigation information like:  “Wind speed 7.8 knots. Boat speed 4.2 knots. Heading 192 degrees. Bearing starboard 17 degrees would save 1 hour 12 minutes.”  But we need to know this is worthwhile, and that there is interest in this approach.  The Indiegogo campaign lets you support the feature in iOS or Android charting apps, and also offers major discounts on the apps and Wind Instrument. 

You can get the Audio Tacking as low as $9 US there.  And the wireless SailTimer Wind Instrument™ as low as $315, which is an amazing price for a masthead anemometer.


SailTimer Wind Instrument™:  Advanced features, low price. 

Wireless and solar-powered.  Works with lots of apps.  Submersible.  Digital compass right in the wind direction arrow.  Rotating mast ok.  When sailing heeled over, the wind cups turn into propellers to maintain equal accuracy.  You can even raise it without needing to climb or lower the mast. 

Standard price is just $350 US, but you can still get the discount for $315.  Delivery in 3-5 days worldwide means you can have it in time for Christmas.



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