Apple Cup This Weekend:

  1. Please check the list to make sure your child is listed with the correct birthday. If something is wrong, please email me.

  2. Join the Apple Cup WhatsApp group. This is our best way to communicate with you throughout the weekend.

  3. Buy lift tickets. The Spring Pass will work for racers and seems to be the cheapest option for kids under the age of 12. Tickets need to be purchased online.

  4. Bib pickup will be from CMAC coaches outside of the lodge starting at 7:50am.

  5. Refer to the race announcement or look to WhatsApp for other questions.

Buddy Werner Championship Team:

  1. Check the seeding list, make sure your child is listed. I will submitting the seed list TOMORROW. The seeds are based on the kids best 2 runs at the Warm Up SL for SL and Cherry Tree Charge for GS. I used world cup points. Feel free to email me with questions.

  2. Buy a spring pass. This is the cheapest option and works for racers.

  3. Join the WhatsApp group for communications as we get closer to the event and during the event.

  4. Refer to the race announcement for other questions.

  5. There is NO TRAINING at Crystal this weekend. Please DO NOT ask to gate train with the older kids. I have talked to the head coaches and this is not an option. You could work on the Phase 2 skillsquest drills on your own!

Season Video Evaluations (Sign up):

We started our video evaluations last night. Please follow this link to sign up for the video session. This helps coaches properly prepare. There are also makeup sessions available if you can't make it to your child's session. Here is the link to groups. I will send out the zoom link prior to the sessions directly to those who have signed up.

May Day Race (U10, U12, U14, U16 only)

April 21-23rd. U8s are not eligible to participate.

  1. Sign up as soon as possible as this race will fill up.

  2. If you want to participate in the nordic ski race, call to reserve gear soon. No experience is necessary, it is quite fun for the kids to try something new at this event :)

  3. Refer to the race announcement and I will send more information in the coming weeks!

Summer Camps (Mt. Hood)

We will be doing 4 camps again this summer. Registration will open up in the coming weeks. All kids do stay with their parents as we don’t have an overnight option. Any kid who has done the program for the year and is excited about racing can participate! I see so much progress for the kids by training hard for 6 days in a row! Let me know if you have questions!

Camp 1: June 19-24 - Ski dates- Arrive June 18th

Camp 2: June 26 - July 1 - Ski dates- Arrive June 25th

Camp 3: July 10-15 - Ski dates- Arrive July 9th

Camp 4: July 24-29 - Ski dates- Arrive July 23rd

Thank you so much for a great season!

Each year I am so thankful for the great community that CMAC is. I am so proud of the kids who hiked the King! I hope to see you all back next season!

Please let me know if you have any questions!
Lizzy Henning