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Our new employment program is ready to enroll new clients and provide services.  If you have any clients who are in need of employment services, and fall into any of the below categories, please contact
Matt Haygood at or (202) 541-3232.

Qualified Categories:
1.  Pre-Certified Victims of Trafficking
2.  Individuals granted Eligibility Letters as Minor Victims of Trafficking
who are now ready to pursue employment   
3.  U-Visa recipients for whom the qualifying crime was human trafficking 

USCCB/CRS Invited to Submit Proposal to TIP to Increase Capacity in Dominican Republic

USCCB and CRS has been invited to submit a proposal to the Department of State Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons, making it past the initial elimination round. The proposed project is a 3-year initiative to increase capacity in the Dominican Republic to identify, protect and serve victims of trafficking. Dominican Republic is rated as a Tier 2 country on the 2012 TIP Report Tier Rankings, with room for improvement in their system to respond to human trafficking within their borders.  "We're delighted to be given this opportunity, particularly since we have invested considerable time and resources on the issue of trafficking in Dominican Republic. We are hopeful that we will be selected and can play a role in assisting D.R. to become a Tier 1 country", says Hilary Chester, Associate Director for the Anti-Trafficking Program.  USCCB/CRS will be partnering together on this initiative, and will provide an update as soon as we hear if we are selected.  

What Training Do You Need to Accompany Victims of Trafficking on their Survival Journey?

We are interested in providing training opportunities to the network so that we are a strong and well-equipped network of providers, ensuring that we are ready to meet the needs of all potential clients.  We're putting together a training schedule for the remainder of 2013, and would like your feedback on what trainings you'd like to see offered.  If we do not have the expertise, we'll try to find it, so please send us an e-mail with your suggestions to

National Speakers Bureau

If you would like to be added to our national speakers bureau, please e-mail your information to, with a description of your travel radius and what HT topics you are willing to speak about to a group.  We receive many inquiries from around the country to have speakers at events that range from conferences to social club meetings, so we need to build a bureau to respond quickly and efficiently to these requests.
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