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Friday, November 11th 2016   Vol 11  Number 1
Leonhardt's Launchpads

World's First Organ Regeneration Focused Innovation Accelerator 
Our patented bioelectric stimulator and micro infusion pump for organ regeneration.  Controlled release of 12+ key regeneration proteins including a stem cell homing signal. 
Bioelectric organ regeneration micro stimulator - implantable, programmable.  Signals for SDF-1, IGF-1, HGF, EGF, Activin A+B, eNOS, VEGF, Follistatin, Tropoelastin, GDF-10, GDF-11, Neurogenin 3, RANKL/TNF A, Cell Proliferation, Cell Differentiation. 
Click on Image for VIDEO
CLICK on image to see VIDEO of BioLeonhardt Heart Regeneration with Bioelectric Stimulator + Micro Infusion Pump

2016 Progress Milestones 

Heart and Cardiovascular

BioLeonhardt Heart Regeneration Video >
  • Won $150,000 USTAR UTAG grant for BioLeonhardt for heart regeneration studies working with the University of Utah and Dr. Amit Patel. 
  • Developed protocol for progressive aggressive limb salvage for MyoStim Peripheral, EndoCell and Leonhardt-Wetling with use of the Cardiobridge or Second Heart aortic pump.  Preparing to enter clinical trials OUS.
  • Develop pre-clinical study plan with Harbor UCLA for AortaCell aorta regeneration studies.
  • Recruited Dr. Juan Parodi, Dr. Barry Katzen, Dr. Harrison Lazarus and Dr. Jacob Cynamon to AortaCell aorta regeneration team. 
  • Filed CoroStim patent for utilizing vibrational energy to prevent clot, plaque, vegetation, and calcification formation on blood contact surfaces.  Applying in particular to heart valves and LVADs.
  • The Leonhardt's Launchpads team developed a full 80 page business plan for aorta positioned circulatory assist pump that won an engagement letter offer from WR Hambrecht & Co. to raise $50 million in stages. 
  • Leonhardt Launchpads Utah, Inc. has launched Second Heart focused on developing a pipeline of aorta positioned chronic circulatory assist pumps with wireless power.  Firm has filed two patents and has lined up licensing of complimentary pioneering patents from inventors at CalTech, in Florida and in Israel. 
  • Led by Dr. Leslie Miller our Chief Medical Officer held investigator meetings at the American College of Cardiology and Heart Failure Society of America Annual Meetings attended by more than 20 U.S. leading center heart failure department chairs.  The primary purpose was to design Phase I and II clinical trials for aorta positioned circulatory assist for acute de-compensating heart failure patients.  This was followed by a pre-submission dialogue with the FDA on clinical trial planning. 
  • Prepared translational study protocol for BioPace biological pacemaker. 
  • The Leonhardt team led by Henk Abbink our EVP of Intl. Market Development and Howard Leonhardt had a number of meetings with Wetling Denmark and laid out a plan to introduce their wireless microcurrent product first into the North American market for treating diabetic foot ulcers via a joint venture Leonhardt-Wetling JV.  In 2014 the team completed and published a 47 patient clinical trial for treating diabetic foot ulcers in Germany and Switzerland.  Results = 95% healing a 8 weeks all 47 patients. CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO PUBLISHED STUDY >
  • HeartScore developed precision care heart failure and stroke recovery programs based on genomics and high fidelity monitoring.
  • HeartScore working with CerebraCell filed patents for 'brain saving" helmet a one button system helmet that is envisioned to be in all public places just like defibrillators are today to minimize brain damage from strokes. 
  • Valvublator filed patents for catheter based heart valve decalcification and regeneration and developed a translational study plan. 
CerebraCell 14 electrode brain regeneration and enhancement helmet. 
  • CerebraCell filed an $80,000 grant application with the USTAR Technology Acceleration Program which is still pending.
  • CerebraCell built and tested prototypes for brain regeneration including a 14 electrode brain helmet with highly sensitive and signal transmission accurate electrodes. 
  • CerebraCell presented at the Neuro Tech Leaders Forum in San Francisco October 24th and 25th.
  • CerebraCell is preparing a grant application for the NIH Brain Initiative to be filed January 6th for stroke recovery.  We have had two meetings with the NIH program director in charge of this area to gain guidance on the right submission. 
  • CerebraCell met with officials connected with the NFL to discuss use of our technology for concussion recovery.  We have Dan Marino Hall of Fame NFL quarterback signed aboard as an advisor. 
  • CerebraCell has developed a product for brain function enhancement and memory improvement.  We had a brief meeting with Bryan Johnson that provided $100 million in funding to Kernel for brain enhancement technology development at the Neuro Tech Leaders Forum and are working to establish a collaborative research collaboration forward. 
  • CerebraCell working with HeartScore developed and filed a patent for a "brain saving" helmet for minimizing brain damage following a stroke.  The vision is that these simple to use helmets will be in every public place just like defibrillators are today ready for use by anyone with one button. 
  • Neuro Scientist Kelsie Fortner working out of Leonhardt's Launchpads Utah for CerebraCell developed research plan for traumatic brain injury recovery and is preparing to file USTAR,  SBIR and NIH grant applications. 
  • CerebraCell held meetings with the brain research teams at UCLA and The Buck Institute in California and is exploring further research collaboration with both teams. 
  • Signed aboard Dr. Santosh Kesari renowned Neuro Surgeon from Southern California as Chief Medical Officer for CerebraCell and CancerCell. 
OrthodontiCell Prototype 
Design Candidate 

  • Completed pilot study in sheep in Argentina with Dr. Jorge Genovese for Stem Cell Bra.  20% breast tissue growth with only 1 hour of stimulation every other day for 4 weeks.  Only 3 of our 12 patented signals used. 
  • Launched HairCell hair regeneration clinical trial in Mexico.  Expect results by year end. 
  • HairCell recruited Derek Kahn to serve as President. 
  • HairCell was featured in Follicle for Thought -
  • Developed protocol and sourced face interfaces for SkinCell Stimulator by MyoStim Skin for skin regeneration.  Completing pre-clinical safety studies. Lined up a number of pilot clinical trial sites. 
  • Developed collaboration with Dr. Nestor Cadavid-Gonzalez at LABioMed Harbor UCLA for development and testing of MYOSTIM ED erectile dysfunction product.  Developed translational research plan. 
  • Filed two patents for OrthodontiCell for accelerated tooth movement and stabilization.
  • Recruited Dr. John Marchetto renowned orthodontist surgeon to help lead OrthodontiCell as President and Chief Medical Officer.
  • Developed research collaboration with Tufts University for OrthdontiCell translational studies and recruited Dr. Susan Baloul as Chief Orthodontist Advisor. 
  • Filed $100,000 TCIP grant for OrthodontiCell studies on October 31, 2016. 
  • Developed stimulator for DentaCell and OrthodontiCell and we are building and testing prototypes in our Utah lab this fall. 
  • Arranged FDA certified lab to handle dental tooth pulp storage (stem cell storage) for DentaCell and we are preparing for market launch as soon as the DentaCell mouth stimulator has FDA clearance. 
CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE or here for VIDEO > EyeCell incubating in Leonhardt's Launchpads Utah, Inc. won a $125,000 Technology Acceleration Program grant to for eye regeneration studies. 
Dr. Camillo Ricordi - Chief Advisor PancreaCell
Director Diabetes Research Institute
Pancreas Regeneration Research Discussions
with Howard Leonhardt Executive Chairman

  • Won $125,000 USTAR Technology Acceleration Program grant for EyeCell for eye regeneration studies.
  • Recruited Dr. Patrick Johnson, Dr. Y. King Liu, Dr. Dinesh Patel and Dr. Edward Kondrot to join EyeCell research team.  
  • With introductions made by Dr. Dinesh Patel our advisor we reached out to a number of University of Utah eye regeneration researchers for EyeCell and met with Dr. Brian Jones and learned of his rabbit model for retinal degeneration that we may use in upcoming studies. 
  • We reached out and met withg Dr. M. Gharib at CalTech for collaborative research on EyeCell.  He holds a number of related patents and has built and testing numerous micro eye pumps. 
  • We recruited Tuan Hoang CEO of Fluid Synchrony, our primary micro pump supplier, to join the EyeCell team as an engineering and product development advisor.
  • We filed patents for pancreas cancer tumor stoppage and pancreas regeneration for PancreaCell.
  • We recruited Dr. Camillo Ricordi Director of the Diabetes Research Institute as Chief Scientific and Medical Advisor to PancreaCell and met with him and his team twice this year so far in Miami to advance forward a clear translational research plan that starts with studies using cadaver pancreas tissue. 
  • We recruited Dr. Nicholas Chronos as Vice President of R&D for PancreaCell.
  • PancreaCell presented at PANCREAS 2016 in Chicago in October.
  • We presented PancreaCell technology in person to the Health & Wellness Director at Apple Computer Corp. in Cupertino, CA.   Steve Jobs their founder died of pancreas failure. 
  • RegenaLung met with the lung regeneration research team at Cedars Sinai UCLA and laid out a plan to file new grant applications together.
  • RegenaLung recruited Richard Koffler to serve as President.
  • BladderCell launched for bladder regeneration and recruited Laurelle Johnson to serve as President.
  • LiverCell launched for liver regeneration and recruited Ben Boytor to serve as President. 
  • EarCell launched for hearing regeneration and developed a product development plan. 
  • KidneyCell launched for kidney regeneration and developed a product development plan. 
  • We filed patents for BioLeonhardt Whole Body regeneration and developed a product development plan.  A video was created to show the vision for this technology platform. 
Renowned Neuro Surgeon Dr. Santosh Kesari Chief Medical Officer CerebraCell and CancereCell.  Chief of Neuro Oncology John Wayne Cancer Institute Providence St. Johns Hospital Santa Monica, CA.  Former Chief Neuro Surgery UC San Diego. 
  • CancerCell filed patent application for a bioelectric signal to stop cell division. 
  • CancerCell filed a patent application for a bioelectric signal to stop blood supply to cancer tumors.
  • We recruited Dr. Santosh Kesari Chief of Neuro at the John Wayne Cancer Institute at Providence St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica (former UCSD) as Chief Scientific and Medical Advisor for CancerCell and CerebraCell. 
  • We filed a specific patent for pancreatic cancer treatment followed by pancreas regeneration. 
  • CancerCell, PancreaCell, Regenalung and CerebraCell entered a 90 day option to acquire the pioneering patents of inventor Eleanor Schuler for series of inventions that detects the electrical activity in tumors and then adjusts the electrical signaling to customize and transmit back a tumor growth stoppage bioelectric signal or set of signals. 

  • Working with Gas Money Productions in Los Angeles we completed 18 animation videos demonstrating our innovations.
  • We signed aboard to our team as an advisor/consultant Dr. Micheal Levin the premier leading scientist in the field of bioelectric organ regeneration from Tufts University in Boston. 
  • Brian Hardy of Fizzpopmedia our Director of Marketing completed 26 new web sites including a full re-do or our Leonhardt Ventures home base master web site and Leonhardt's Launchpads Utah, Inc. 
  • Alternate Health, Inc. has provided offer to finance a number of our clinical trials for our organ regeneration platform technology especially for eye, lungs, brain and pancreas in combination with their anti-inflammation platform technology. 
  • Won estimated value $250,000 USTAR BioInnovations Gateway R&D lab, equipment, personnel support grant in Utah.
  • Filed new bioelectric stimulation patent applications for controlled expression of IGF-1, HGF, EGF, eNOS, Activin A+B, Follistatin, Tropoelastin, Neurogenin 3, RANKL/TNF A, GDF-10, GDF-11 in addition to our already patent issued SDF-1 (stem cell homing) and VEGF (blood vessel growth) signals.
  • Received term sheet from Fluid Synchrony, Inc, of Pasadena, CA for $500,000 investment in exchange for micro pump supply and micro pump + stimulator engineering services.
  • Hired Dr. Leslie Miller a leading cardiologist, circulatory assist pump investigator and stem cell scientist to serve as Chief Medical Officer for Leonhardt Ventures and Leonhardt's Launchpads operated by Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. including Leonhardt's Launchpads Utah, Inc. 
  • Established agreement with Trask Britt law firm in Salt Lake City, UT to handle filing all patent applications for a stock plus cash compensation plan. 
  • Launched Leonhardt's Launchpads Pasadena to work more closely in research collaboration with CalTech, WeWork Pasadena Startups, Cross Campus Pasadena Startups Pasadena Bioscience Incubator, Fluid Synchrony, IdeaLab, Huntington Research Institute, Keck Institute for Biomedical Engineering and other entities located in that area. 
  • Launched and staffed Leonhardt's Launchpads Utah, Inc. to work more closely in research collaboration with the University of Utah, USTAR, Technology Commercial Venture, BioInnovations Gateway, Center for Medical Innovation, Utah State, Weber State.  
  • Leonhardt's Launchpads Utah, Inc. recruited a local advisory board of local Salt Lake City industry leaders - Dr. Dinesh Patel founder of Theratech, Dr. Harrison Lazarus, Devin Thorpe, Dr. Amit Patel, with Jeremy Koff and David Robinson of nearby Park City, Utah
  • Paul Norman an accomplished successful entrepreneur from Napa Valley, California has invested $225,000 with us so far over two years (much paid directly to our animation video development team Gas Money Productions and other contract vendors) and joined our team as a Managing Partner of our innovation accelerator - Leonhardt's Launchpads operated by Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. , Leonhardt's Launchpads Utah, Inc. and Leonhardt's Launchpads NorCal.  Paul has 30+ years of strategic partner contract negotiation and has been our lead in establishing agreements with a number of our partners. His son Nick Norman has jumped in to join our Leonhardts Launchpads NorCal office as well helping on many fronts. 
  • Leonhardt's Launchpads was featured in FORBES online Magazine - When Boundless Optimism Meets Medtech Anything Seems Possible via @forbes
Dr. Stuart Williams VP of R&D BioLeonhardt presenting at Technology Showcase at Heart Rhythm Society Annual Meeting 

  • Presented Organ Regeneration Technologies at Academy of Regenerative Practices Annual Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in January. 
  • Held Technology Showcase at NANS North American Neuromodulation Society Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV in January.   Met with QIG Greatbatch about stimulator OEM supply. 
  • Held Technology Showcase at JP Morgan Healthcare Conference at Parasoma highlighting BioLeonhardt and Cardiobridge in San Francisco in January. 
  • Presented BioLeonhardt and circulatory assist pump technology at UCARS Cardiac Recovery Symposia at the University of Utah in February. 
  • Presented Technology Showcase at BioUtah's Entrepreneur and Investor Summit February in Utah. 
  • Held showcase for AortaCell, MyoStim Peripheral, EndoCell, CerebraCell, Valvublator, Cardiobridge, Second Heart and BioLeonhardt at the 28th Annual ISET International Society of Endovascular Therapy Meeting in Miami in February.  Had meetings with Dr. Katzen, Dr. Margolis, Dr. Abrams, Dr. Juan Parodi, Dr. John Marchetto and others. 
  • We presented BioLeonhardt, Valvublator and circulatory assist pump platform at the 31st Annual Interventional Cardiology Meeting at Snowmass, Colorado in March. 
  • Held an investigators meeting at the American College of Cardiology Meeting in Chicago in March for heart failure clinical trial design attended by 20 leading heart failure department chairs. 
  • We held a showcase at LA Heart Failure in April in Los Angeles. 
  • Technology Showcase and Angel Investor Meeting University of Minnesota April 23d, 2016. 
  • Held startup showcase at Annual Shareholders Meeting and Board Meeting at ROC Santa Monica in Santa Monica, CA in April. 
  • We presented all of our heart and cardiovascular technologies at EuroPCR in May and met with a number of potential strategic partners and distributors.  We also met with the Wetling wireless microcurrent device team, Utrecht University researchers and others. 
  • We held a showcase at the 22nd Annual Heart Failure Symposia in San Diego on June 18th. 
  • Presented PancreaCell at UCLA First Look LA Conference at CNSI sponsored by the Los Angeles Venture Association on June 22nd. 
  • Showcase for Organ Regeneration Technologies International Society of Stem Cell Therapy June 23rd San Francisco. 
  • Held Technology Showcase at Stanford University June 24th.  Meeting with advisor Suresh Gurunathan co-founder of NanoStim. 
  • Held Regenerative Medtech showcase at USTAR Sorenson Building University of Utah September 8th. 
  • Presented CerebraCell at North Bay Innovation Summit in Rohnert Park, CA in September 16th. 
  • Technology Showcase, Angel Investor Meetings, Biomedical Innovation Center meetings BioPace, Talk at Carlson Business School University of Minnesota for Minnesota Cup September 21st to 24th, 2016.  Met with Stemonix "organs in a dish" supplier. 
  • Presented PancreaCell at PANCREAS 2016 in Chicago October 19th. 
  • Presented CerebraCell at Neuro Tech Leaders Forum October 24th and 25th. 
20 Leading U.S. Heart Failure Department Chairs gathered for our private meeting @ the Heart Failure Society of America Annual Mtg. Orlando, FL  For Clinical Trial Design Advice.  A similar sized group gathered for us at the American College of Cardiology Mtg. in Chicago.  

Links to Videos and Slide Decks 


Some slide decks…


Leonhardt’s Launchpads Utah

EyeCell Slide Deck –

LiverCell Slide Deck –

HairCell Side Deck –

HeartScore Slide Deck –

PancreaCell “Saving Steve Jobs” UCLA Presentation Slide Deck Link –

BioLeonhardt – Download Bioleonhardt Slide deck + Roadshow Presentation – Click Here

RegenaLung –


BioLeonhardt Whole Body pulls together all our organ regeneration technologies into
one product.  Our most ambitious development.  Patents pending. 
BioLeonhardt Whole Body Regeneration Chamber
Patent Pending - Under Development 
Photo from our "Saving Steve Jobs" PancreaCell presentation day at Apple Computer headquarters. 
Dr. Leslie Miller our Chief Medical Officer at our Utah Lab at BioInnovations Gateway 
CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE or here > for video.  Prototype development Second Heart LLC wireless aortic circulatory assist pump with a stent graft.  That is our 1991 invented TALENT stent graft in the photo that has about 50% of the world market share today. 
Dr. Amit Patel of the Heart Stem Cell Therapy team at University of Utah and Principal Investigator of the BioLeonhardt heart regeneration study with $150,00 USTAR University Technology Acceleration Grant with $150,000 in matching funds.  Advisor to Leonhardt's Launchpads Utah, Inc.
Howard Leonhardt Executive Chairman at EuroPCR for meetings with potential strategic partners and investigators. 
Leonhardt's Launchpads Utah, Inc. team working in lab on bioelectric micro stimulator testing.   Front to back Mariano Lopez, Michael R. Angerbauer, Thomas Wallace
Howard Leonhardt and Dr. Jorge Genovese 
Co-Inventors of our lineup of bioelectric stimulators
for controlled protein expression and organ regeneration. 
CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE FOR SPECIAL SLIDE PRESENTATION WITH VIDEOS DESCRIBING OUR HISTORY leading to opening of Leonhardt's Launchpads Utah, Inc. with full introduction to our full organ regeneration technology platform.   Presented at the REGENERATIVE MEDTECH SHOWCASE at University of Utah 
Dr. Leslie Miller our Chief Medical Officer
Cardiologist, Heart Failure Specialist,
Editor Textbook Stem Cells for Cardiovascular 
Expert Left Ventricle Assist Device Design
Howard Leonhardt 
Executive Chairman & CEO

Three quarters into 2016 we have made enormous progress.  I am grateful to all members of our team that are working so very hard.   All 82 members of our business advisory board, 

Our team is focused on our organ regeneration platform technology:

1.  Bioelectric stimulator.
2.  Micro pumps.
3.  Organ regeneration composition(s). 

Big Highlights

1.  We have won so far this year over $500,000 in organ regeneration focused research grants.  
2.  We filed over 100 new patent claims for organ regeneration adding dozens of new protein expression control signals to our estate. 
3.  We built and tested our organ regeneration stimulator prototypes with over dozen protein expression signals.  The stimulator is the world's smallest with the longest battery life and the most precise control of signal purity.  Our stimulator development partners invested more than $50 million into its development.  The stimulator has been approved by the FDA already for two other applications not competitive to our own with different signal programming.  The FDA has a master file on this device. 
4.  We built and tested our programmable re-fillable micro infusion pumps for delivering our organ regeneration compositions to organs.  Our micro pump supplier in Pasadena, California has secured more than $2.3 million SBIR grant funding to develop this pump.
5.  Working with a partner we developed a 14 electrode brain/head helmet able to read brain electrical activity and send signals to specific target locations in the brain wirelessly.  Being tested by our startup CerebraCell for brain regeneration and brain function enhancement. 
6.  We completed a sheep study in Argentina for Stem Cell Bra.  With only 1 hr of stimulation of only 3 of signals for every other hour for 4 weeks we achieved 20% breast tissue growth with no side effects. 
7.  WR Hambrecht provided to us an engagement to raise $50 million in stages for our aorta positioned circulatory assist pump business plan.  Hambrecht took Apple Computer and Google public and is one of the most revered brand names in investment banking. 
8.  November of 2015 we opened up a satellite office in Salt Lake City, Utah and this has now grown to a stand alone spin out Leonhardt's Launchpads Utah, Inc. with 2 offices and lab in the University of Utah area.  We employ two biomedical engineers and two neuroscientists at this facility at this time and are in the process of hiring additional members. 
9.  In October we opened up Leonhardt's Launchpads Pasadena operated by Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. at 177 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91105 in order to be in closer proximity for collaboration with CalTech, The Pasadena Bioscience Incubator, Keck Institute for BioEngineering, Huntington Hospital, LabLaunch and Fluid Synchrony, Inc. our primary micro pump supplier also headquartered in Pasadena.  A number of our advisors and mentors work out of WeWork Pasadena and Cross Campus Pasadena. 
Dr. Michael Levin the premier bioelectric regeneration scientist in the world from Tufts University joined us as a consultant.  CLICK ON ABOVE IMAGE TO ACCESS LISTING OF HIS HUNDREDS OF PUBLICATIONS. 
Dr. William Abraham, Co-Chairman of our Scientific Advisory Board, Chief of Heart Failure Ohio State University 
Dr. Doris Taylor - Co-Chairman of our Scientific Advisory Board,  Director Cardiovascular and Heart Stem Cell Research, Texas Heart Institute.  We are preparing to file a grant application with her for BioLeonhardt heart regeneration. 
Dr. Dinesh Patel joined the Board of Advisors of Leonhardt's Launchpads Utah, Inc. and EyeCell and has become a major investor with us.  Dr. Patel founded Theratech the leading time release drug patch co. and was founding Chairman of USTAR.
Ben Boytor - President LiverCell Liver Regeneration Startup 
Dr. John Marchetto 
President OrthodtontiCell
Dr. Susan Baloul
Senior Orthodontist Advisor
Howard Leonhardt CEO
and Dr. Juan Parodi
Chief Advisor AortaCell
Research Planning
Meeting at ISET Miami 
Jeff Donofrio, Board Director
David Robinson, Board Advisor to Leonhardt's Launchpads Utah, Inc. and Second Heart LLC
BioLeonhardt Whole Body Regeneration Chamber
Patent Pending 
Derek Kahn, President HairCell
HairCell Hair Regeneration 
Clinical Trials Launching in
Mexico This Fall 
Dr. Jorge Genovese and Howard Leonhardt 
Co-Inventors of most of our bioelectric stimulation 
Patents @ Pasadena BioScience Lab near
Leonhardt's Launchpads Pasadena. 
Leonhardt's Launchpads Utah R&D team at BioInnovations Gateway Lab.
L-R Thomas Wallace, Howard Leonhardt, Michael Angerbauer
Leonhardt's Launchpads Utah, Inc. core team working on grant applications.
Second Heart LLC team working on
Wireless Chronic Imlantable
Aortic Heart Assist Pump Design
The BioInnovations Gateway
Lab Salt Lake City, Utah
where we have shared access space. 
MyoStim ED Product Design 
& Translation Study Meeting
in Pasadena with Dr. Nestor Gonzalez-Cadavid
of Harbor UCLA and LABioMed
Meeting with Dr. M. Gharib of CalTech Pasadena on pump technology for Second Heart LLC and EyeCell
University of Minnesota Medical Devices Center
Candidate home for BioPace our BioLogical Pacemaker 
and Valvublator Heart Valve Decalcification and Regeneration
Our contract cGMP production clean room in Utah at Zien Medical Technologies.
We have another within BioInnovations Gateway Utah where we have shared
Dr. Mark Cunningham, Board Director, CardioThoracic Surgeon Keck USC Los Angeles, Chief Advisor Valvublator, BioLeonhardt, Second Heart LLC and CoroStim.  Engineer and Former Chief of Staff Keck Medical Center USC. 
Leonhardt's Launchpads Video Animation Team Los Angeles - L-R - James Binollo, Howard Leonhardt, Jason Horton, Sofia Yepes, Paul Norman 
Video Animation Team Los Angeles - L-R Paul Norman, Nick Norman, Jason Horton, James Binolla, Sofia Yepes
Leonhardt's Launchpads Operated by Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc.
Board of Directors Meeting with Guest Advisors L-R - Jeremy Koff, Chris Shelbourne, Alex Richardson, Howard Leonhardt, Paul Norman, Jeff Donofrio, Dr. Mark Cunningham, Ken Evans (absent from this photo Sofia Yepes, Tricia Nordby, Laurelle Johnson, Walter Grieves and Richard Koffler that participated in board meeting)
Leonhardt's Launchpads Utah, Inc. Innovation Accelerators - Support Team @ Useable Utah/Devgarden - L-R David Robinson, Christoper Mismash, Howard Leonhardt & Stuart
Micro pump development team Los Angeles - Manish, Tuan, Howard and Alex
Micro stimulator development team Los Angeles
Dr. Nicholas Chronos front center Chief Advisor PancreaCell and BioLeonhardt
U of Georgia Research Team Planning Meeting with
Howard Leonhardt Executive Chairman & CEO
Paul Norman 2nd Leading Shareholder of Leonhardt's Launchpads Operated by Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc, Board Advisor and Managing Partner.  Chief Advisor Business Development. 
Howard Leonhardt with Richard Koffler
President of RegenaLung, Co-Director LABioHub, 
Board Advisor
Legendary biomedical entrepreneur Alfred Mann passed away this year.  His nephew Jeremy Koff is our VP of Business Development and a Board Director that Chairs our Compensation Committee.  Alfred Mann was a teacher to all of us and will be greatly missed.  
Jeremy Koff on right our VP of Business Development for Leonhardt's Launchpads and Leohardt's Launchpads Utah, Inc..  Board Director Chair of Compensation Committee.  Nephew of Alfred Mann. 
Howard Leonhardt with Tuan Hoang CEO of Fluid Synchrony of Pasadena, CA our Micro Pump Supplier and Advisor to EyeCell and our accelerator. 
Dr. Barry Katzen - Director of Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute and Advisor to AortaCell and MyoStim Peripheral with Howard Leonhardt
Team @ ACC Chicago 3/16 heart failure clinical trial investigator meeting. 
Dr. Jacob Cynamon Chief of Interventional Radiology Montefiore Medical Ctr NY and Advisor to AortaCell and MyoStim Peripheral with Howard Leonhardt 
Leonhardt's Launchpads executive team meeting.  L-R Jeff Donofrio Board Director, Howard Leonhardt and Tom Newman VP of Sales
Howard Leonhardt Presentation on PancreaCell at UCLA First Look LA at CNSI
PancreaCell Presentation at PANCREAS 2016 Chicago 10/16
Howard Leonhardt with Dr. James Margolis Chair of 32nd Annual Interventional Cardiology Meeting Snowmass - Advisor Valvublator, BioLeonhardt, CerebraCell, Second Heart LLC 
Howard Leonhardt with Co-Inventor Dr. Jorge Genovese our EVP of Bioelectric Stimulation Research
3D Printers at BioInnovations Gateway for Rapid Prototyping
Dr. Y. King Liu, President EyeCell and Senior Advisor CerebraCell, working out of Leonhardt's Launchpads NorCal at the University of Northern California Science and Technology Center (STIC)
Henk Abbink EVP International Market Development
Brian Hardy Director of Marketing 
Dr. Stuart Williams, VP R&D BioLeonhardt, Advisor Leonhardt's Launchpads
Dr.  Nic Chronos - Cardiologist - CSO PancreaCell, Advisor Leonhardt's Launchpads, Director of Cardiovascular Research BioLeonhardt.  Advisor to HairCell. 
Leonhardt's Launchpads Pasadena, E. 177 Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA
1 mile from CalTech campus 
Leonhardt's Launchpads
Operated by Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc.

177 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91105 

Leonhardt's Launchpads Utah, Inc.
489E, 400 South, Unit 116
Salt Lake City, UT  84111

Leonhardt's Launchpads NorCal
@ University of Northern California
Science & Technology Innovation Center
1300 Valley House Dr, Suite # 100-27
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Google Voice Mail:  (408) 758-2259

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