Welcome, friends.

This is the first issue of my newsletter, Type.

This will be a weekly ongoing experiment, figuring out ways to share differently and carving out a little space to make something privately yet publicly.

Why “Type” as the name?

First, to be honest, I thought it sounded cool. I enjoy single-word names for things I work on, and once I came upon this tweet from a Britannica bot, it stuck:

TYPE, a copy, image, or resemblance of some model. The word is much used among divines, to signify a symbol, sign, or figure of something to come; in which sense it is commonly used with relation to antitype, which is the thing itself, whereof the other is a type or figure.

It's almost insufferable how pithy that sounds, but it stuck. 

I’ve also always been fascinated by Plato’s theory of forms, where there exists some ideal form of everything – we all experience one type of that form, but really whoever made that experience is striving to achieve closeness to that ideal form.

Along those lines, "Type" can take on a lot of different meanings for me, both literal and intellectually – what type of newsletter is this? What types of things should I include What type of person am I? Or even, what type of person am I going to become?

That’s part of what I’m exploring – I want to process some of what’s going on, find ways to express my thoughts that’s more personal, and share some fun stuff too.

Plus, I now have a special space for me to, well, type.

So this newsletter, and all my work, are how I'm expressing the type of things I want to see in the world.

And this is the very first version of that. It’s just type. It’s just one form of what it might be one day.

On to some of my findings ✌️

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Things I liked:

Things I listened to:

Things I’m thinking about:

Things I’ve made recently:

  • A guide on how to drag and drop into Shortcuts to use the content at the start of your shortcut – The Sweet Setup
  • A video about the weird angle of the 11" iPad Pro – YouTube
  • Tips on how to build habits with Siri Shortcuts – YouTube
  • All the details on the new Lightroom action in the Shortcuts app –  iMore
  • The 18th episode of my show with Alex Cox going into some good Shortcuts details – Supercomputer <<< if you listened, was this too in-depth for audio?
  • This Friends In Your Ears epsiode (hosted by my friend Kathy Campbell) where I got to talk podcasts with Merlin Mann, an amazing human & smart computer thinker man – The Incomparable

Here’s the part of the newsletter where I say I want this to be about communication too, not just me broadcasting. This is email, so feel free to hit the reply button and type something back to me.

I’ll make it easy too – what type of things do you want to see from me?

Have a good week! See ya later, nerds.

P.S. I am planning a Shortcuts-related event in downtown San Francisco sometime soon. If you live in the area and might be able to attend on a Thursday evening, let me know.

P.P.S. Send me your favorite shortcut, please.

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