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[Q and A] Addressing Gender Inequality in the Formal Financial System
CFI is elevating gender in financial services as a key area of its work. For International Women's Day, the CFI Blog sat down with Jacqueline Foelster and Alex Taylor, two members of the CFI gender working group, to reflect on their research and provide insights into how CFI could help make inclusive finance more gender inclusive. Dive in
API Deployments in Inclusive Finance
APIs (application programming interfaces) are crucial mechanisms that allow computer programs to “talk” to each other. They help make checking account balances, payments from one provider to another, and performing know-your-customer (KYC) checks possible. Yet few small-to-medium sized banks have been able to leverage API deployments with fintechs to offer inclusive financial services. CFI Research Fellow Dan Kleinbaum elaborates on why bank and fintechs should collaborate to deploy APIs, and presents four recommendations for smaller financial institutions considering an API integration. Read the report

Data Protection and Financial Inclusion: Why It Matters
How do data collection and use affect vulnerable clients of financial service providers? This series tackles the latest developments in data protection and financial inclusion from regulatory and consumer protection standpoints. Check out the latest CFI Blog series
It’s Time to Protect Kenyans from a Digital Lending Laboratory
Kenya is hailed as the innovation hub for mobile money and digital credit, but regular Kenyans are bearing the burden of failed experiments in digital consumer lending. Learn More

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Financial Inclusion and Future Jobs: What the Market in Indonesia Tells Us

The gig economy is sometimes viewed as an adversary of job security and worker protections. In Indonesia, it's a different story. Find out what Mayada discovered during a recent Caribou Digital Live Learning experience.
Global Microscope 2019: The Enabling Environment for Financial Inclusion

The Global Microscope 2019 assesses the enabling regulatory environment for financial inclusion in 55 countries. The 2019 edition features 11 new gender-focused indicators that measure financial inclusion for both women and men. Read the Global Microscope

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What are the risks to citizens when technical issues or data mismanagement hit India's cloud-based National Register of Citizens? More
How digital financial services can prey on the poor [The Economist]
On fraud and data theft in DFS in the developing world. Cites research and recommendations from CGAP. More
Saudi G20 Presidency prioritizes financial inclusion [G20, GPFI]
This report features guidelines on digital financial inclusion for youth, women and SMEs. More
UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions to travel across the globe, we are postponing the 2020 HBS-Accion Program on Strategic Leadership in Inclusive Finance indefinitely. If this decision affects you and/or you require more information, please contact Madeleine Longwell, Program Coordinator, at
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