Introducing the new Watchdog Super Elite (WDC4) & compatible sensors...
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The new Watchdog Super Elite (WDC4) is a combined belt alignment, belt speed, continuous bearing temperature, pulley alignment and plug condition monitor for bucket elevators and conveyors.

A complete elevator and conveyor monitoring system with inputs for most of the types of sensors standard in the industry. Offers top-of-the-class flexibility and safety levels. Unprecedented user friendliness via a 3.5” full colour bespoke design graphics screen. Controller settings can be set up either directly on the unit or via a PC application and transferred between the WDC4s and PC via a SD card. In-built Ethernet port with full support for the - cloud based monitoring service. More...

Recommended Sensors
(more compatible sensors on our website - click here)
4B Touchswitch
Belt & Pulley Alignment Sensor

Contact type electro-mechanical limit-switch with no moving parts, which detects tracking and misalignment problems. More...
WDA Sensor
Motion (Speed) & Alignment Sensor

Non-contacting extended range sensor used to detect targets which are up to 75mm from the sensor. High temperature version available. More...
ADB Series
Bearing Temperature Sensors

Grease through, positive mounting, NTC thermistor with user adjustable trip points. ADB series has adjustable depth probes. More...
WDB7 Series
Surface Temperature Sensors

Surface mount NTC thermistor designed to bolt onto a bearing or gearbox housing. More...
Plug Sensor

Heavy duty capacitance style sensor with automatic material build up compensator that can detect plugged spouts, inlets and outlets. More...
Speed Sensors

Industry standard inductive sensors for detecting belt slip conditions. Recommended with the optional Whirligig target/bracket/guard for easy installation. More...
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