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Marine Layer

A two person exhibition by Joshua Moreno and Brianna Rigg

SATURDAY 8.18.18 6-9PM
I want to start by thanking everyone who has helped us raise money this month.  79 people contributed, we were able to keep the space and we promise to use it to steadily present contemporary art until they tear this thing down.  I had confirmation from the property  manager that the owner doesn't anticipate demo to start in 2018, maybe longer.  I'll keep you all posted.  And I don't want to talk about the Vice case (because it's pending), but I'll keep you all posted on that too.  My first court thing is on the 29th of this month.  Sheesh - there's just so much going on.  Anyway, I haven't sent a single thank you note to the folks re-posting and contributing to our campaign.  I'm the worst.  I'll catch up with you this weekend and please know we're working on ideas for original works to send as a thank you to every single one of you who chipped in.  Humbled by the response.  And I really appreciate you all. 

So... Saturday introductions;

Brianna worked on a massive floor to ceiling installation in Helmuth a few years ago.  It was called After The Victory Dance, it was amazing and it holds the honor of being the show that kicked off our instagram account.  (click HERE and scroll to the very bottom...)

Joshua and I were trying to get one of his classes to work on a project at the space this year, but we kept throwing rock shows and it was hard to carve out a slot.  Really excited he's over here now.  I walked in a few days ago and loved it instantly.  So start your Saturday night at Joshua's studio (5 to 7) then get yourself over to Helmuth (6 till whenever). 

If there's wine on the bar just pour yourself a reasonable glass and walk away.  No eye contact, no dollars, no shenanigans.  Real cool like.

Here's the Facebook thing with details and maps:  Marine Layer evite

Hope you can make it.  Thanking you in advance.  <3-pav

from the artists;

Opening Reception Saturday 8/18

5-7 PM Live/Work Space 37/6 by Joshua Moreno
     Space 4 Art
 340 16th St, San Diego, CA 92101
 (enter through the parking lot in back)

6-9 PM Marine Layer by Joshua Moreno and Brianna Rigg
      Helmuth Projects
     1827 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

Helmuth Projects gallery hours: 
Wed/Thu/Fri 6:00-8:30 PM and Sat 8/25 12:00-6:00 PM (or by appointment) Closing Reception: Friday August 31st 6-9pm at Helmuth Projects

Marine Layer
Marine Layer is a two-person exhibition by Joshua Moreno and Brianna Rigg. Both artists are exhibiting at Helmuth Projects. Additionally, Moreno is showing his installation, Live/Work Space 37/6, at Space for Art. The walls at Helmuth are surfaced by Moreno’s paintings and drawings, as well as an intervention of white flags that Moreno places in Helmuth’s many holes. Rigg’s sculpture, E-Z UP, fills the interior of the gallery. Both Rigg and Moreno create work that is rhythmic. In Marine Layer, rhythms clash and collide, charging the space with erratic movements experienced in the transitions from one body of work to the next. There is a common theme among these works of sky and clouds, and the movement experienced in the tension between these artists is also cloudlike, perpetually shifting at varying speeds determined by surrounding conditions.  

Brianna Rigg, EZ UP (2016)
The title of Brianna Rigg’s large-scale sculptural work, E-Z UP, alludes to both the brand of shade canopy that Rigg found broken on the beach and included in the show, and to the chant of Rigg’s friend, who at 96, would holler “up” before rising from his chair. Rigg regards E-Z UP as a memorial that can be likened to fake flowers placed on a grave. While the work memorializes all of Rigg’s lost loved ones, it is most pointedly about her uncle. E-Z UP depicts a deceased figure who sits against a wooden bench facing away from the rest of the sculpture, which represents the figure’s thought bubble. Having lost her uncle to a head injury, Rigg is exercising the magical belief that she can change the past by using sculpture to create an alternative to his last moment. E-Z UP is Rigg’s attempt to regain for her uncle, the experience of heightened brain activity that can occur when the heart has stopped beating.

Rigg’s long-term sculptural ambition is to animate objects by integrating them into environments. Thus E-Z UP is an arrangement of found objects fitted together to transcend their independent identities. The work’s joinery exploits forces of the tension and gravity as object are balanced, nestled, and wedged together. Nothing hangs from the ceiling; instead, objects are propped up by other objects. These assemblages form lines reminiscent of Rigg’s drawings; they twist and turn in unexpected directions, yet repeatedly curl. Though the work is firmly rooted on the floor, the main focal point is at or above eye-level, creating a cloudlike space. The sculpture grows towards the sky like a plant, yet it is pushed forward by a relentless momentum similar to the ocean's tide; thus, the sculpture leans. The upward force is the will towards life, the forward pull, the passage of time. A bag mitten net separates the main sculptural body and its figurative counterpart; it marks the threshold between, sea and land, and life and death. Rigg’s attempt is to map the string of associations between events that form emotion and memory; the event manifests as object, and associations as composition. E-Z Up is intended to evoke in the viewer a heightened passion for life that can occur in the face of death.
This will be Brianna Rigg’s second show at Helmuth Projects.

Joshua Moreno Live/Work Space 37/6

Joshua Moreno examines the varying degrees of permanence and function within Helmuth Projects through the insertion of flags into pre-existing holes made by nailing or drilling. The white flags uniformly address such architectural idiosyncrasies and have the potential to interact with the changing conditions in the environment. Moreno regards this intervention as a way of marking time and bringing attention to the previous purposes of the space (even predating Helmuth).

Moreno’s abstract paintings and drawings are an exploration of cause and effect, order and disorder, and materiality. Using house paint, spray paint, and water, Moreno constructs compositions that allow for the inherent physical potential of a medium to drive the expression. This is a process that depends heavily on spontaneity and chance.  Moreno’s graphite drawings illustrate vertical rectilinear shapes that are lined parallel to each other and are disrupted with the act of erasing. Erasing allows Moreno to insert himself into a composition by imposing his mark onto an objective system.  
Joshua Moreno is currently showcasing his installation, Live/Work Space 37/6 located at Space4Art in East Village. The viewer experience is intended to unfold like a studio visit where they see what Moreno has been working on within a constructed space and discuss the thought process behind work. Objects from the installation that Moreno refers to as props have been transplanted and curated at Helmuth, and assume new meaning outside the context of his studio.
For a studio visit, Joshua can be contacted at
Studio hours are Mon-Sun from 3 - 7 PM (lighting is best from 5:30 - 7 PM)


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Helmuth Projects · 1827 5th Avenue · San Diego, CA 92101 · USA

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