SATURDAY, MAY 14.... 6-10PM
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8 Rows Back

New work by Audrey Hope and Morgan Mandalay

It is up and down the alleys that exterior entrances and exits are made. At the end of the opening commentary, the dark tenement wall slowly reveals (by means of a transparency) the interior of the ground floor.

Downstage is the living-room, which also serves as a sleeping-room, the sofa is unfolding to make a bed. Upstage, centre, and divided by a wide arch or second pro-scenium with transparent faded portières (or second curtain), is another room. In it they are gallantly smiling, ineluctably smiling, as if to say 'I will be smiling forever.' But smiles…

Theirs is a language of lament, not unlike listening to an X-Ray. Their cries are just bones of sound...



The Gift Shop by Farrah Emami will be open for business.

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