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Prayer Corner

Prayer Request:
  • Our family’s health and safety.
  • Consistent electrical and water.
  • Continued hunger for God’s Word in Cameroon.
  • Peace in Cameroon, many surrounding countries are evacuating to Cameroon.
  • The mourning within our branch.

Dear Friend,

If you follow our blog, you have read all the up’s and down’s we’ve experienced the last few months.  
If you don’t have the opportunity to follow our blog, below are some highlights.

The front half of the roof on our home needed to be replaced in part due to termite damage and in part due to lack of proper support beams to hold the roof weight.

We had an attempted intruder.  We are thankful that the dog kept whoever it was on the wall surrounding our home.  However, the intruder did attempt to enter via the roof, but the roof was secure (the repairs had been completed that same day).  We have since felt it necessary to hire a night guard, which does mean more expenditures.

Multi-lingual education (MLE) is growing rapidly in Cameroon, which means more and more children are learning in school in their mother tongue.  The Cameroonian government and several NGOs have realized how critical learning the first few years in the mother tongue is to the future of the individual. Imagine if the first time you heard English was the first day of school.  This is still the case for many students in Cameroon but it is beginning to change. Pray for this process as the demands will be great and the available resources are limited.

A colleague became ill and her illness became septic.  She died suddenly and left behind two daughters and her husband.  Please pray for the Jackson family.

Our annual Spiritual Retreat and Branch Meetings were held the week of Easter.  We had a wonderful speaker who came and spoke, giving everyone much food for thought from God’s Word.

Our branch has been experiencing much grief with the loss of several colleagues in a short time. Please pray for the Lada family. Thomas Lada was a Cameroonian who has worked with SIL since 1990 and was recently killed in a house fire.  Please pray for his wife and eight children, not only did the lose their husband/father but also their home.

Jonah turned eight years old on April 2!  He had a spy training party.

We will celebrate 14 years of marriage on May 21st!

What things do you enjoy hearing about most from us?

Thank you,

David, DeAnna, Joshua and Jonah Anderson

Cameroon Branch Photo 2013

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