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Anderson family at Deerbrook

Prayer Corner

Praise Reports:
  • Jonah is doing great!
  • DeAnna is doing well!
  • We have settled well into a different home in Yaoundé!
  • David is back to work - he loves to work!

Prayer Request:
  • Bibleless People of Cameroon
  • Continued Protection over our Health & Safety
  • Friendships
  • We follow His guidance in every decision
  • Additional missionaries to come and serve in administrative roles.

Dear Friend,

We are thankful for the five months we were able to be in the USA. It was wonderful to see many of you, spend time with you and get to know you better. Thank you for blessing us during our first furlough “home.”

We were blessed with celebrating Thanksgiving before returning to Cameroon. We thought we ate enough to tie us over for 2 1/2 years, however, we are missing many of the foods and conveniences.

We have settled well back into our life in Cameroon. We moved out of the large missionary housing compound to a free standing single home. We love having our own space. The boys go out and play with the neighborhood children and have been learning all the names of their new friends. DeAnna took pictures of each child and wrote down their names so the boys can call each other by name. The neighborhood children loved seeing their picture on the digital camera after DeAnna took it and would laugh.
When the boys play with the neighborhood children, although they play on a basketball court (built by the previous tenants in the home we live in), the only sport to play is soccer. We have been the soccer ball suppliers, however, we have been through two balls in two months. We have added soccer balls to our list of wishful items sent to us from the USA.

David is back in the groove at work. He got off to a stressful start back in his role due to some tragic events. One of the translators who has worked tirelessly since 1968, died suddenly while finishing up the Old Testament in the translation project he has worked on all these years. One of the guards at the main center where David works lost a child. Please pray for these families as they are mourning the loss of their loved ones.

DeAnna keeps busy with the daily tasks of running our home and homeschooling Jonah. Joshua has returned to the Parent Run School, but Jonah stays at home for his education. DeAnna also helped with the orientation course in January for new colleagues who have arrived to live and serve in Cameroon. She taught on cooking in Cameroon, helping others know how to prepare meals, what items in Cameroon can be substitutes for a more American palette and how to clean foods in an effort to not get sick.

DeAnna wrote an electronic children’s book titled, “9 1/2 Fingers.” She felt led to write this book as a ministry to other families who are making the hard decision of amputation and for the children going through it. It’s available on You do not need a Kindle in order to read the book, you can download the free reader app from Amazon to read it on your computer.

We are so grateful that Jonah healed well after his amputation, worked hard with his hand therapy and is free of bone infection. We are also grateful that DeAnna has healed well after her surgery.

Thank you for being on our ministry team allowing us to be in Cameroon. We couldn’t be here without your support!

Thank you,

David, DeAnna, Joshua and Jonah Anderson
Our "new" car

Our Cameroon Family

The home we have settled into was the home of Covenant missionaries for many years. They had a great guard dog named Buddy, who became part of our family. He’s very nice to our cat Fluffy. We have hired a man named Christian. He worked for the family who lived here prior to us for many years. He is our next door neighbor and well connected in our neighborhood. He is our guard. He’s a blessing to our family. Sophie is back with us and we are so happy to have her again. She’s a wonderful Christian woman. Her hand is healed, however, she won’t be able to regain full strength in her grip due to the illness. Thank you for your prayers for her.

While we were in the USA, we purchased a vehicle from a colleague who was leaving the field. We now have a vehicle! This is the first vehicle we have owned since 2009. It’s a 1988 Suzuki Samurai. It’s a tight fit, but it gets us around and is easy to maneuver on the busy streets of Yaoundé.

Wish List

We’ve been asked many times if there are any items from “home” that we would like to receive.  Below is a list of items that we can always use and gladly receive.
Hamburger Helper
Tuna Helper
Peanut Butter Chips
Dried Blueberries
Dried Cranberries
Cake Mixes
Sausage Gravy Mix
Dry Ranch Salad Dressing
Dry Italian Salad Dressing
Slim Jim or Beef Jerky
Pre cooked bacon pieces or canned bacon
Soccer Balls and/or Playground Balls - deflated
Borax - this mixed with other ingredients kills ants!

Send all boxes to the address below.

David & DeAnna Anderson
SF Cameroon
7601 Radin Road
Waxhaw, NC 28173


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