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First day of School for Joshua and Jonah

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Anderson family at Deerbrook

Prayer Corner

Prayer Request:
  • Discernment in decision making.
  • Our family’s health and safety.
  • Consistent electricity and water.
  • Continued hunger for God’s Word in Cameroon.
  • Upcoming elections on September 30th in Cameroon.
“You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world.” 
Matthew 5:13 & 14

Dear Friend,

We are to be salt and light in a dark world.  It’s hard when you are bombarded with cultural issues that don’t make any sense to you.  It’s hard when there are language barriers.  It’s hard when you’re homesick.  It’s hard when you feel the need to be ministered to.  One night there was a strange noise coming from behind our house, like something heavy was walking on a zinc roof.  When we looked  out the window (11 p.m.) we saw a strange sight, a goat and a person dressed up like a lion were walking on the roof of our neighbors house.  The woman inside came out and started yelling how the costumed figure was a sorcerer and she started praying loudly to the Lord.  This was a very “in our face” reminder of how much darkness does surround us and how important it is to have God’s Word in a language others can understand so their lives can be transformed and they can be salt and light in a dark world.

What are Joshua and Jonah doing?
The boys started back in school on August 8th.  It’s hard to believe they are grades 3 and 5 this year.  The school year kicks off with a Joint Learning Session.  It’s one of three times during the school year when homeschooled children and children who attend the mission school have school together.  Each session has a theme and this session’s theme was Medieval Times.  DeAnna organized morning sports for the students.  At the end of the session some of the students competed in a tournament, while others showed off their jester, stilt walking, juggling or miming skills.
Joshua jousting with a bat
What is DeAnna doing now? 
DeAnna is homeschooling Jonah again this year.  She’s also teaching PE at the mission school where Joshua attends.  August through October, she’s filling in for the nurse in our branch as the medication counter.  Our branch keeps a supply of malaria medications, malaria tests, de-worming medication (yes, we must de-worm here), etc…  so once a week DeAnna and Jonah go to the health office to give others the pills they need in the quantity they desire.

What's David been up to?
David has been coordinating the deployment of additional internet satellite devices for four additional language clusters in Cameroon.  These devices provide internet connection to where there are not even cell phone capabilities.  He also has additional responsibilities that have been added to his daily role, since his supervisor is in Canada for seven weeks, making David the representative for the General Director when someone needs to represent the organization.
Jonah showing off his school work

Did those packages ever arrive they we sent you?
In August, we received the wonderful goodies you sent to us.  These items are so appreciated and encouraging to us.  Thank you!  We’ve had some of you ask about items we would like.  Here’s a list:  grated parmesan cheese, graham crackers, dream whip, canned pumpkin, corn syrup, crushed red pepper, chili powder, goldfish, cheez-it’s, sunflower seeds, Please package them in zip lock bags and be mindful of the expiration date, as it may take up to nine months from the time you purchase until we receive it.  The address to ship to is: 
David Anderson
SF Cameroon
7601 Radin Road
Waxhaw, NC 28173.

A few months ago we changed our newsletter format and frequency.  We can send out the newsletter  frequently to email, but made the decision to limit the number of times we send out a printed newsletter.  There are about 28 people on our mailing list who do not have email.  We thought we would ask if any of you would like to print and mail out our newsletter to those who don’t have email.  If you would, we would send you a list of names and addresses.  If several would like to then the number for each person would be minimal.  Please let us know if you feel led in this way.
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Thank you,

David, DeAnna, Joshua and Jonah Anderson

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