Meet one of the Heroes in diabetes research
Research Star Award
Donor Group Inclusion Criteria
nPOD Staff Changes

Meet our Research Heroes
Research couldn’t happen without the heroes that say yes to research donations…or without you.  Consent for research means saving lives—in the future.  Cures, treatments, and disease prevention depend on the human gifts for scientists to study. 

Every procedure, device, or drug in use today is the result of the generosity of someone who once said “yes” to research.

Meet one our Heroes--Faith    Help Faith spread the word about the importance of saying yes to research donations.  She has signed her nPOD donor card--have you?

We want to let you know that we are reaching out directly to our friends in the type 1 diabetes community. We ask them to
sign up to be organ donors in their state, and tell their families that they want to donate to research by signing an nPOD donor card as a way to make their families aware of their wishes to donate to diabetes research if they become organ donors.

Then share their decision with those they love, to let them know they support research.

Do you know anyone that has type 1 diabetes that might want to sign up to donate to diabetes research, to help future generations?
Check into our Facebook and Twitter accounts to see more "Selfless Selfies" from nPOD heroes.

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This Year's Research Star Award Goes To....

The Research Star Award is given to recovery partners who go above-and-beyond in the effort to help advance the discovery of the cause and cure of type 1 diabetes. Gift of Life was one of the first OPOs in the country to really embrace the spirit of nPOD and facilitate our diabetes research. Since that time, your OPO has been one of our strongest partners, with 28 cases donated to nPOD since 2008. The commitment to research is clear all the way through the organization.
For its efforts, nPOD awarded Gift of Life the nPOD Research Star Award to its entire team. Thank you to Gift of Life for all you do to help diabetes research!!


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Staff Changes at nPOD
Irina Kusmartseva: We are pleased to announce that Dr. Irina Kusmartseva has been appointed as nPOD Organ Procurement and Processing Center (OPPC) Director. Dr. Kusmartseva is an immunologist by training with over 14 years of research experience. Prior to joining JDRF nPOD, Dr. Kusmartseva worked at Duke University Medical Center, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Mount Sinai Medical School. Irina is no stranger for nPOD investigators and has been relentlessly helping our investigators select proper donor cases and samples for a wide variety projects. Irina has been working at nPOD as OPPC lab manager for the past 4 years and we are very happy today that she is taking the leading role as OPPC Director.
Congratulations, Irina!
Tiffanny Philips:  Tiffany is a Senior Biological Scientist that has been part of our Organ Processing and Pathology Core (OPPC) for since October of 2011. She has been involved in over 150 cases and often volunteers her time to assist with cases even when she's not on call.  She is leaving nPOD this summer to pursue her degree as a Pathology Assistant at the University of Maryland. We wish her the best of luck in all her future endeavors!

Farewell from Jayne Moraski: As I write my last newsletter for nPOD, I want to thank all of our recovery partners for working with me. It has truly been my pleasure to be a part of your amazing programs.  As of June 1st, I will be heading back to my roots in housing and community development, to become the Executive Director of the Family Promise of Gainesville--an interfaith program that helps homeless children and their families find housing and self-sufficiency.


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