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Welcome to our first Newsletter!

In the last months we've been preparing the pasta and heating up the launch pad . . .
Dear friends of Bob,

Richard Rasa here, Metaprogramming Director of the RAW Trust, welcoming you to our first newsletter. Christina Pearson (Bob's daughter), Trustee of the RAW Trust, is sitting behind me as I write these words (all is metaphor - more from Christina directly below the FNORD). Christina and I have been navigating legal, literary and digital waters in preparation for the launch of several new RAW Trust endeavors. Along with a small group we call the RAW Trust Advisors, we hope to further the main goal of the Trust: promoting the works and ideas of Robert Anton Wilson.

Our main task at first is to keep Bob’s books in print, and work is underway on the republishing of nineteen of Bob's books in new eBook and Print editions under the imprint of the Trust's new publishing house, Hilaritas Press. I really wish I could give you exact publishing dates. As I write, talented artists are busy with the final details. We are close.
Until Hilaritas Press is fully up and running, click around in
the New RAW Trust Website!

And to all of you who have pondered something extraordinary after reading one of Bob's books, please spread the word, and help us with Bob’s intention to give us human critters a more conscious and expansive view of our evolution, along with a few useful alternative maps and menus.

Lots of love and lasagna to you all!

Rasa, Christina and Olga

And now a special message from Christina . . .

To all of you, the remarkable individuals in the RAW Family of Heart;

Greetings and Love from Colorado!
Yes, I’m addressing you as members of RAW’s Heart Family, because if you are interested in, or have been touched by his work, I know he would hold you dearly in his heart! Bob was wise enough to understand that “blood” does not necessarily delineate a family, unless biology is the only factor you choose to measure. In Bob’s world, it was (and is) primarily about having shared awareness, experience, lovingness, history - and understanding the joy and validation that comes from connecting with others of like mind who can look you in the eye and say “I know how you feel!” “Yes! I totally get it!” THIS was Bob’s “extended family of heart.”

I know this well, because I am Bob’s daughter via memes, not genes. Yet he was far more my dad than bio-dad ever was! Bob married my mom Arlen when I was between one and two years old, after she left a very unhappy marriage. I have no memories of that time, all I know is I grew up with Bob as my father, in every sense of the word except “blood.” He understood that she was a “package deal,” with two small daughters from her previous marriage, and he took us on willingly and gladly in order to have Arlen as his companion in life.

He taught me to play chess at 5 years old, and then would “fall in amazement” off his seat when I made a good move; he would lie in waiting, pretending to be the troll under the bridge while waiting to pick us up from the school bus; then as we walked over it, he would roar “WHO is walking on MY bridge!” We would laugh hysterically, running away, and he would chase us... and, sometimes he had to write bad checks so us kids could eat.

Being raised in the House of RAW was such a wide and deeply rich spectrum of experiences, ranging from incredibly difficult situations to some of the most joyful, enlightening and spectacular! Someday, I hope to write a bit about it.

I want to thank everyone in the community for all the ongoing support in keeping Bob’s work alive. And a huge and loving thank you to Rasa! Rasa, there were moments when I wanted to just give up, give in (especially when the IRS wanted tens of thousands of dollars that we did not have), and just drop the whole caboodle, but your gentle queries, your consistent acknowledgment that Bob’s legacy would be fun and important to work on, and your quiet willingness to help no matter what; is honestly the main thing that kept me going.

So today, I am delighted that Rasa and I are partners in the Raw Trust’s Hilaritas Press venture, and hopefully several other projects in the future! His working title is Metaprogramming Director... Mine? Not sure yet but you will all be the first to know...

We are totally thrilled to finally be moving forward, and on behalf of my dad, my family, Rasa, and our wonderful RAW Advisors, I want to thank you all for your belief in the value of RAW’s life works. Personally, I feel like many of you do; that so many more people would benefit from engaging his work, if it were more available.

It’s been a long time coming to begin the process of both supporting and expanding access to the literary & creative legacy of Robert Anton Wilson, and I am so grateful that now we can move forward!
Let the Lasagna fly!!!

All my love, Christina Pearson, Trustee
The Robert Anton Wilson Trust


RAW Trust Newsletter #23001
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