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An inward-turning spiral, I decided, is the shape of our galaxy. Oddly, it is also the shape of the DNA molecule, the code of life, seen from above. The ring thus suggests the old Hermetic notion of the macrocosm in the microcosm, “That which is above is contained in that which is below.”
                                                                             – Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger II


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Dear friends,

Our silversmith in Rhode Island has given us a reasonable deal on reproducing exact replicas of Bob's sterling silver spiral ring, and we are ready to take orders! When you order online, you will tell us your ring size. If you don't know your ring size, we've included easy instructions on the order page for figuring that out. Each ring will be separately ordered as soon as you complete the online form. Please be patient. It will take some number of weeks for the ring to be finished, sent to us and then packaged for shipping. The first ring orders should be shipping out in January. The price for one ring is $123, the same as the price for the pendant.

If you are interested in getting a pendant, Christina advises me that any pendant orders that come in soon should be able to arrive before Christmas!

And speaking of the pendant, we've gotten fabulous feedback from those of you who received pendants. We still have more pendants available, so don't hesitate to make an order! 

One of the first people to buy a pendant was Uber-RAW fan Martin Wagner. You may recognize his name from his incredible archive work and his creation of the ever-growing RAW archive site, Martin dazzled us with his Cosmic Trigger Companion page. If you haven't seen it, do visit when you can!

Here are a few other folks with new RAW Spiral Pendants! When you get your RAW Spiral Ring, please don't be shy and send us a photo!

And yes, this last photo is me, taking a break from editing the next
Hilaritas Press RAW title, Cosmic Trigger II.

While working on Cosmic Trigger II, which I last read years ago, I was reminded why several people have written to say that the second book in Bob's autobiographical trilogy was one of their favorites. In the middle of editing, we were also working on getting the ring production together, and so I was delighted to have the small coincidance of reading this passage where Bob talks about his ring . . . 

 We were living in San Miguel de Allende, which is in the hills northwest of Mexico City. It was 1971, and my earnings from my new career as free-lance writer had been meager for several months; worse, my savings from the years at Playboy were running out. When a royalty check arrived in the mail, it seemed so large to me that, after depositing it in the bank, I insisted on taking Arlen and the kids out to lunch. Afterwards, the kids wandered off to see some friends and I took Arlen to a silver shop to buy her some jewelry.

She said that I had to buy something for myself, too, so I looked around the shop and finally picked out a silver ring, with an inward-turning spiral design. I have worn it ever since.

A picture of me, in which that ring appears rather conspicuous, appeared on the jacket of one or two of my books. From then on, whenever I went out on the lecture circuit, people would ask me what the ring “symbolized.” (Many people appear to believe I am a deep and mysterious fellow and that everything I do or say has hidden mystical and symbolic meanings.) I started thinking about the ring myself.

An inward-turning spiral, I decided, is the shape of our galaxy. Oddly, it is also the shape of the DNA molecule, the code of life, seen from above. The ring thus suggests the old Hermetic notion of the macrocosm in the microcosm, “That which is above is contained in that which is below.”

Hmmm . . . That certainly wasn’t on my mind, consciously, when I bought the ring.

Later I realized that if one can look at the DNA from above, one can also look at the Hindu kundalini serpent that way, too. Seen from above, the kundalini also looks like an inward-turning spiral. According to the Hindus, this kundalini energy underlies all manifestations of life, “however small,” which would seem to include the DNA.

The controversial neo-Freudian, Wilhelm Reich, also believed there was a life-energy underlying all biological systems. He called it “orgone” and claimed it had a spiral shape.

The same spiral appears over and over in the late paintings of Van Gogh, work done when he was either going crazy from paresis, or from too much absinthe, or from both.

In the mid ’70s, when Arlen and I were living in San Francisco, I got involved in the pagan revival. By then, I was a gourmet of religions — sampling all, believing none, much like Adolphus in Bernard Shaw’s Major Barbara. Neo-paganism was definitely a growing force in America, and I wanted to know about it from inside. I learned a lot, which I will write about sometime, but the most interesting detail right now is that Celtic pagan rituals take the form of a dance made up of an inward-turning spiral followed by an outward-turning spiral.

Some say these rituals have come down to us from the Stone Age, through underground cults and sects which survived even during the Inquisition. Others say that is a Romantic Lie and modern paganism was created out of anthropology books and Aleister Crowley’s poetry by an English eccentric named Gerald Gardner, in the early 1930s.

(Curiously, Gardner, who certainly popularized neo-paganism even if he didn’t also invent it, lived on the Isle of Man, where an ancestor of mine was once king . . .)

Reading a book on Celtic myth around 1980 I found that ancient Irish burial grounds were laid out to form a double spiral when seen from above — an inward spiral and an outward spiral. This was alleged to represent death and rebirth.

I wasn’t sure all this meant anything, but at least it gave me a bright line of chatter to reel off when people asked me what the spiral ring symbolized.

We are getting close to releasing the new edition of Cosmic Trigger II. As usual, RAW Trust Newsletter recipients will be the first to know when the book is available.

As always, lots of love and lasagna to you all!

     Rasa with Christina and Olga

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A special message from Bob's daughter, Christina . . .

A Wilson Christmas Tale…

Winter Greetings! This morning as I was carefully unwrapping our Christmas Tree ornaments, I began to contemplate the history of Christmas in our family. I also realized that the only area of my whole life that is actually organized, is how I treat these ornaments!

Looking back, it seemed that there were always catastrophes that occurred on a regular basis on holidays – like the time my father (Bob) was perched on a ladder putting the star up on top of a fully decorated 6 foot tree, only to have the ladder slide into the tree, and down the whole kaboodle went! It was QUITE the show - Bob yelling, the cat meowing, dog barking, my baby sister crying, Arlen (my mom) rushing in and adding to the hysteria… ah, yes!

Or while cooking holiday meals, my mom would wear totally outrageous (for cooking) clothing, that would inevitably have a big drooping hanging sleeve immersed in gravy, or catch fire, get stuck in the oven door; always something!

This morning as I thought back to calm and not-so-calm winter celebrations of Christmas, I remembered one in particular; I was 8 years old, we lived in New York City, and I was very, very sick. This was back in 1964. At the time, Bob was working for several tabloids, writing “junk,” as he called it, and we lived on the 11th floor of a big old apartment building on West End Avenue in Manhattan. We didn’t have much money, but my grandmother had died the year before, leaving a small inheritance amount to my mother and her sister.

This small inheritance had given Bob and Arlen the opportunity to move back to New York City, which they literally jumped at the chance to do; enough with the “back to the Land” phase, that had landed us in Ohio, back to the city where we belong! Just after being let out of school for the holiday break, I had come down with a terrible bout of Scarlet Fever as soon as we were let out of school for Christmas break Just figures… Anyway, it was Christmas Eve, and I was burning up with a very high fever. The doctor had already come and gone, making a house call (yes, they really used to do this!) in the middle of the night to assess me and administer medication. Mom had me lying on the couch in the living room, so she could keep an eye on me and give me regular sponge baths in an attempt to bring down my temperature.

I remember very little, except I was super ill, and something magical was happening! As I lay there on the couch, sweating and rolling incessantly, Bob was hard at work across the room. That night he built us a “Troll House!” I guess you could call it a doll house, but it really was for our little troll dolls that we loved dearly. And let me tell you something! My dad was SO not a good crafts person, even though he had been trained as an engineer. He took 6 similar cardboard boxes, and attached them so three were on top, and three below. He then “wallpapered” the inner walls with an assortment of patterned papers, ran a string of Christmas lights through as ceiling lights, and cut little doors in between the “rooms.” When you stood back, what you saw was 6 rooms, fully open to you.

During this unusual production of Bob’s (he did NOT generally try to do any type of crafty projects), I do remember hearing a lot of strange sounds emerging from him as he struggled to get these box rooms in order; at the time it seemed totally normal for him to be growling… squealing, and randomly swearing; but looking back, it may have been my fever but I will never know for sure!

My parents then proceeded to fill each room with little toy furniture, with Arlen periodically running over to the couch to bathe my whole body with rubbing alcohol. For me, I was swimming in the scent of the alcohol, while my eyes were dazzled by the little blinking tree lights now adorning our “doll-house.” It was the most magical thing I had ever seen, and it was the night I learned that Santa Claus was really my parents.

Interestingly enough, it was not a disappointment or let-down to discover the truth about Santa; instead I could FEEL the love rolling off them both as they worked to care for me and create this little fantasy doll-house in honor of the Celebration of Light being born in the midst of Darkness.

I treasure this memory, however distorted it was from my illness; that night I learned about love manifesting as action, a lesson I have never forgotten.

   All my love, Christina

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