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You should view the world as a conspiracy run by a very closely-knit group
of nearly omnipotent people, and you should think of those people
as yourself and your friends.
– Robert Anton Wilson

Cosmic Trigger the Play
the stageplay is now available
from Hilaritas Press
A full-color edition!
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Dear friends,

Hilaritas Press is delighted to present Daisy Eris Campbell's Cosmic Trigger the Play! Daisy is the daughter of legendary actor/producer Ken Campbell, who, in 1976, with Chris Langham, formed the Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool, and mounted a nine hour production of the novel Illuminatus! by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson. Daisy's production of Cosmic Trigger retells the story line from RAW's famous autobiography, adapting some scenes from her dad's Illuminatus! production along with some moments from Adam Gorightly's book about the beginning of Discordianism, The Prankster and the Conspiracy. The tale beautifully comes together to tell the story of RAW's struggles and joys in the 1970's with the creation of two astounding books, the birth of a new religion, and the blending of cosmic comedy and tragedy. 

Cosmic Trigger the Play had two wildly successful runs in 2014 and 2017.
The Guardian wrote,
“A theatrical and cultural message in a bottle from another planet.”

International Times said,
“A truly divine lesson not only in theatrical reformation but on the nature of reality itself,"

and Boing Boing noted,
“More mind-shattering and category-defying than I could have ever imagined… an experimental and multi-layered metafiction, intellectually challenging and spiritually intoxicating.” 

The book features dozens of dazzling color photos from the production, along with a thoughtful introduction through Ben Graham's inside look at both the creation of the play and the ensuing series of events that formed the birth of a new counter-culture community of enthused Discordians. The ripples continue to today. 

Journey to Nutopia and join us for a book launch and an evening
in celebration of the life and work of Robert Anton Wilson!

Journey to Nutopia started out as a series of conversations by day/acid house by night festival events. We were originally inspired by the future-positive talks and performances that were held during the 2017 London run of Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger the Play. With the play coming out in print, we thought we’d make an evening of it and celebrate the man who inspired us and many, many other seekers. We are delighted to be joined by Rasa from Hilaritas Press to talk Bob, books and the RAW mindset. We’ll also be joined by Daisy and some of the cast members from the original stage production, including ‘our Bob’, Oliver Senton, and Kate Alderton who played Arlen Wilson. Kate has also kindly agreed to read us some of Arlen’s poetry. Plus, after Nutopia, Festival 23’s Anwen Burroughs will be keeping the vibes going with a Cosmic Trigger Play Zoom after party. Link in the Zoom chat on the night…

Sunday March 28th, 7pm - 8:30pm GMT via ZOOM

Tickets £2 here:

In News from Bulgaria . . .

In cooperation with the RAW Trust, Bulgarian publisher, Kryg, will be publishing a translation of Quantum Psychology

New projects for translating and publishing RAW titles are also underway in Russia and Italy. We'll have news on those books in a future newsletter.


A reminder . . .
RAWIllumination is still running their reading group focusing on the exercizes in Prometheus Rising. Do check that out as there have been illuminating discussions about the process of brain change RAW outlines. We certainly need as much brain change as possible these days!

And now, a special message from RAW's daughter, Christina . . . 

Dearest Friends & RAW Family of Heart;

Growing up as a kid in the house of RAW, today I can look back and understand at a much deeper level both the privilege – and the burden – of growing up on the outer fringe of the cultural mainstream. I never fully understood what this meant until several decades later, but that is a developing story for a future time to share more about!

However, what IS significant is that growing up, I came to understand that I was different; that my family was different; and that I was both like – and unlike – the kids I went to school with. When I went home, it was to a family that was experimenting with altered states of awareness, hanging out with hipsters, tripsters, provocateurs, professors, hoboes, poets and future computer geeks… focused on free speech and Civil Rights with a sense of searching for some thread of light that would help us all.

Because of this, I learned that MY family were potential targets for believing in things like civil rights, gender & racial equality, access to good education and appropriate healthcare, etc. I mean we had a Don’t Tread on Me flag and a poster to legalize marijuana on the living room wall back in the mid 60’s. It was both tremendously exhilarating and also conflicting as a child, as I saw no other families acting like mine, or other teens frightened that the FBI was going to appear at the door…

At the ancient age of 13 going on 14, the summer of 1969 & stoned on LSD, I saw 3 movies; Alice’s Restaurant. Woodstock, and Easy Rider. That was it; I was going to travel the world, and all I wanted to do was “Find the Others.” I knew they existed; I just needed to be brave enough to find them… People I could be myself with, to fit in with, to thrive, laugh, learn, and most important of all, to love with.

Which brings me to my real topic; the magickal myriad ways how we humans frame – and communicate – what is important in our lives, and how some humans are remarkably gifted in being able to impart though drama, art, the written word, and other creative pathways both the absurd, mind-boggling harmonics of hilarity, AND the Monster-in-the-Closet-Terrors that often go unacknowledged but make up much of a human’s life experience.

Which brings me to Daisy Eris Campbell; author, actress, fabularum scriptorem (which is the word playright translated into Latin – for those of you who know her, doesn’t that fit?) and a leading counter-cultural voice in the U.K.

Daisy has an illustrious lineage, herself the daughter of Ken Campbell, the maverick creative genius who adapted Illuminatus! and produced it in London on the Royal Theater stage in 1977 in full Fnordish regalia… and his wife, actress Prunella Gee, during which production I believe said young woman (Daisy) was conceived… only to be born in 1978, the VERY year I traveled to India at the grand age of 21 (with a 5 day layover in London) because I thought some guru might be able to “fix” me… and RAW got his good friend Ken Campbell (Daisy’s Dad) to find me a place to stay with a couple that were good friends of his… at whose lovely little London flat I sadly discovered there were only 3 working television channels (every other channel was just static), and all 3 channels only had sheepdogs racing around herding sheep on them…???

Little was I to know that I was being energetically temporally synchronized via the chuckling aspect of Eris, Goddess of Chaos, (Eris is, of course, Daisy’s middle name) to be in future alignment with a wee baby being born of the Creative Spirit who herself would eventually avidly seek “To Find the Others!”

As the old Japanese Koan says: “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.”

In MY preferred worldview? There ARE no coincidences… There is just Love Unfolding as It Will.

In the late 1960’s Bob Wilson used to sign his correspondence “Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law” and often ended with “Ewige Blumenkraft” (German for Flower Power Forever or something like that)… which he pressed onto the letters with the little rubber hand stamp he requested to be made for him.

Little did he know that his own searching and self-reporting would inspire others rather magickally down the road…

And thus it brings me great joy to announce how Hilaritas Press, created in honor of Robert Anton Wilson’s literary legacy, is delighted to be publishing Daisy Eris Campbell’s 2nd book, (first was Pigspurt’s Daughter) her adaptation of RAW’s Cosmic Trigger into a fabulously scripted play called of course Cosmic Trigger the Play.

For me, it is through these weavings of the harmonics of life into intentional expression by creator spirits like Daisy (whom I shall now anoint as Ms. Fabularum), that my own life, along with many others, are so richly enhanced by their merry presence. Enjoy!

Much Love, Christina

Stay tuned to this newsletter for the latest RAW news!

Thank you so much for your support,
        and lots of love and lasagna to you all!

            Rasa with Christina and Olga

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