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“I think the higher you raise up human aspirations and expectations, the more good results you are going to get. That's why I frequently supported the immortalist movement.This is a bunch of scientists and science groupies who say, “Why am for longevity? Let's aim for immortality!” I really don't know how reasonable that is. But I think it's worth bringing up the idea just because: the higher you aim, the more you'll achieve. "
                                                                             – Robert Anton Wilson, Beyond Conspiracy Theory


New RAW Books from V. Vale and Scott Apel!

plus RAWIllumination's The Widow's Son reading group!

and a wonderful new blog post . . .

Dear friends,

Hilaritas Press has been simultaneously working on our next four reissues of RAW titles on our list, but in the meantime we wanted to give a little support to friends of Bob, V. Vale and Scott Apel. Vale just gave us permission to republish on our blog, Amor et Hilaritas, Andrew Bishop's introduction to Vale's interview of Robert Anton Wilson. The interview itself is a wonderful read – strongly recommended for all serious RAW fans. Andrew Bishop's introduction struck me as one of the better short introductions to RAW I've come across – concise and relevant to the times. If you are introducing someone to RAW for the first time, Andrew's piece is a great place to start.

Click Here to read our latest post with Andrew's Intro

Tom Jackson over at offered a review of Vale's Beyond Conspiracy Theory Interview with RAW. Here's a snippet:

The bulk of the book is Vale's interview, and fortunately it's valuable . . . There is a particularly good discussion about Aleister Crowley and magick. There is a good, long answer to a question about Wilson's "key books," good discussion of William Burroughs, discussion about what it's like interacting with fans and a nice anecdote about RAW meeting a famous American writer . . . The book is illustrated by Vale's photographs of Wilson, plus some irrelevant but artistic "street photography" by Yoshi Yubai. 

Click here to read the entire RAWIllumination review.

The other great new piece of RAW literature recently released comes from one of Bob's closest friends, Scott Apel. From 1987 to 1997, Scott and Bob produced RAW's Trajectories Newsletter, "The Journal of Futurism and Heresy." In time, Hilaritas Press will be republishing Chaos and Beyond, the first compilation of Trajectories articles, but Scott is filling the gap with this amazing collection: Beyond Chaos and Beyond, The Best of Trajectories, Volume 2. This is a thick book with a lot of great essays and other material from Bob. Not to be overlooked, however, are Scott's numerous introductions to the different sections of the book. Scott has, more than mosbunall friends of Bob, a long deep connection. His essay in the end of the book, Bob and Me: A record of a 30 year friendship stands as a monumental treasure – not to missed! 

Click here to buy Beyond Chaos and Beyond

This is my favorite paragraph from Scott's essay:

This is my favorite story from our relationship: One Saturday evening in April or May 2005, circumstances dictated that I visited Bob alone. He was still somewhat ambulatory at this point, although it was a drain on his energy to pull himself up off his couch to do anything. At one point in the evening, he asked if I would pour him a cup of coffee. I did, and when I set it on the tray in front of him, he responded in abject humility: “Oh, thank you thank you thank you,” he chanted. I’d seen him respond similarly often in those days, giving an overly effusive response to a minor favor. “Bob,” I said. “Hey. It’s just us. Just you and me. How long have we known each other—thirty years now? There’s absolutely no need for you to be so profusely thankful about something as minor as getting you a cup of coffee. I’m happy to do it. I do what you ask because I want to.” He just looked at me...askance, I’d say, if pressed for an adverb. I hoped I hadn’t offended him somehow. But we returned to our conversation and everything seemed fine. Half an hour or so later, Bob asked if I could get him a glass of water, which I did immediately. And when I set it on his tray, he looked me square in the eye and said, “Fuck you!” ROTFL might be a metaphor, but I did in fact literally fall into my chair and laughed my fucking ass off. Bob was seated, but he L’d his FAO as well.

August 23, 2019 is a big day over at

Tom Jackson writes:

"That's when we begin the weekly online reading group for The Widow's Son, Robert Anton Wilson's own personal favorite novel. The discussion will be led by my special guest blogger, Gregory Arnott, who plans to cover about 20 pages a week. As usual, everyone is welcome and invited to weigh in with comments. The official text is the Hilaritas Press edition."


That's all for this newsletter. We are currently busy working on new editions of Ishtar Rising, The New Inquisition, Sex, Drugs & Magick, and Reality Is What You Can Get Away With. We'll keep you posted on our progress! Meanwhile, don't forget about our replicas of RAW's iconic spiral ring and pendants!

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As always,
lots of love and lasagna to you all!

     Rasa with Christina and Olga

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