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You should view the world as a conspiracy run by a very closely-knit group
of nearly omnipotent people, and you should think of those people
as yourself and your friends.
– Robert Anton Wilson
has been redesigned!
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Dear friends,

"" – Bob's original website – first came online in the first decade of the web's existence, in 1997. That first site was rudimentary – basically a poster with six "hot spot" links.

but it soon evolved. 

And evolved again . . .

There were a few more iterations, but the last redesign was made in 2008. 

That "Blue" design, however, in terms of "cyberyears," has also become very outdated. Every day for months I have opened my Chrome browser only to see a warning that Flash animation will no longer be supported after December 2020. At one time, Flash animation was all the rage in animating website designs, and RAW's website took advantage of that cool technology. A few years ago, however, Apple went to war with Adobe over the technology, claiming it was not secure enough, and eventually Flash began to be replaced across the net. Chrome's warning was a daily reminder that RAW's website needed to be updated before the end of the year, and finally, over the last several weeks we have made that transformation!

Essentially, the new shows the information that RAW last wanted on his website, just before he passed in 2007. This new iteration has all the old information plus a few new goodies, but all new modern coding and new graphics throughout. We hope you enjoy the new design! Oh, and some of you will be brave enough to click that link on the new site that says, "Do Not Click Here!" So it goes! Some of us just can't resist breaking through walls! Have fun exploring!

In News from Italy . . .
While the new Hilaritas Press edition of Robert Anton Wilson's Sex, Drugs & Magick is nearly ready to be released, a new Italian translation of the book has just been released by the Italian publisher Spazio Interiore.

Giovanni Picozza, at Spazio Interiore, said the book's subtitle, "A Journey Beyond Limits" didn't really work if translated literally. They are using "I sentieri proibiti della trascendenza" that in english would be something like: "The forbidden paths of transcendence."

Author John Higgs speaks highly of Stefano Bollani, the writer of the Italian edition's new preface. Stefano, a noted musician, as well as an actor and writer, has a great love for RAW's work. John wrote the sleeve notes for his brilliant and sensitive new album, Stefano Bollani: Piano Variations On Jesus Christ Superstar

Click here to visit Spazio Interiore.

No pictures or firm announcements yet, but in the works are two more translations of RAW's work. There have been delays because of the pandemic, but there are plans for a Russian translation of Schrödinger's Cat, and a Bulgarian translation of Quantum Psychology – both were to be scheduled for a 2020 release, but we'll keep you posted on the updates to that news.

A reminder . . .

RAWIllumination is still running their reading group focusing on the exercizes in Prometheus Rising. Do check that out as there have been illuminating discussions about the process of brain change RAW outlines. We certainly need as much brain change as possible these days!

And now, a special message from RAW's daughter, Christina . . .

Dear Friends and RAW Family of Heart,

Greetings from Western Colorado! May you, and all those you love and care for - be safe, well, and protected from Covid-19, insanity, and mob mentality! And Happy Holidays – Praise Bees! (one of my favorite buttons… )

I want to take a few minutes here to share with you about an ever-evolving RAW-related story; my relationship with Rasa, my business partner (aka illustrious partner in crime? Or … Prime?)) in Hilaritas Press.

What many of you may not know, is that Rasa was friends with my dad Bob Wilson (RAW) for years before he died. I was vaguely aware of Rasa as an East-Coast friend of Bob’s, as often Bob would share some of Rasa’s hilarious graphics with me that he so enjoyed. Then, as Bob’s final illness developed, Rasa was more often coming to visit Bob in person, so I finally met him and his beloved Marlis one day as they sat around with Bob chatting.

During 2006, his final year, Bob was basically bed-ridden due to his post-polio syndrome (PPS - after recovering from polio, a sufferer of PPS may many years later experience a recurrence of polio-like problems with the musculature that was originally attacked by the virus.) and weakening physical reserves. At the beginning of the year, he was somewhat able to get around his apartment, but was using the wheelchair more.

After a particularly difficult physical collapse he ended up in the hospital where various tests were conducted. During this time friends and family visited him, and Rasa and Marlis were among them.

Now here’s classic RAW” - when asked what he would like that could be brought in for him, his response was “Jameson’s!!!” (an Irish whiskey that he loved). And… “To escape this Madhouse!”

Later, I found out that Rasa had smuggled in a full bottle of Jameson’s, hidden within a stuffed purple rabbit ”the pooka,” that he had put a slice in so it could contain the full bottle of whiskey as he jauntily traversed the hospital corridors. Here’s Bob holding his now-beloved new Pooka (filled with Jameson’s), as he chats with Rasa. SO glad Marlis took a short video! (this is an image grab – so not too clear). Here's the video.

After test results were in and the hospital recommended he stay for more observation, a loving group of friends showed up, packed up Bob and all his belongings, and with him puffing on a joint of marijuana, they rolled him out of the hospital AMA (Against Medical Advice) “to escape the madhouse” and tucked him in at home.

Once home, he settled in, and enjoyed visits and care from so many loving friends. Here’s a couple of older photos from Rasa and Marlis during a couple of visits!

Never again was he able to get out of bed, stand on his own feet, feed himself, clean himself, and all those lovely living skills we are so accustomed to performing daily. He went under the care of Hospice, as he was considered terminal. We all (RAWs friends & me) took care of him, with one embodied Guardian Angel (a.k.a. Cathy) working overtime in particular, twenty-four hours a day, until his death on January 11, 2007. His final words to me in a whispered voice were “I am so very happy.”

We held the RAW Meme-orial on February 17, 2007, with friends and fans converging from worldwide.

Here is a rather historic image of Rasa and Marlis, standing before the old Santa Cruz Coconut Grove Ballroom venue where we held the RAW Meme-orial.

(click here for a slideshow of the Meme-orial)

After Bob died, I was wrapped up in trying to close his probate; not that he had anything other than a few personal items and his copyrights. However, he had stopped paying taxes when my mom died, so the IRS was hellbent on collection of said taxes. It took me 5 years to finally close the case with the IRS and close the probate from Hell. The first lawyer I hired to assist was a scam kind of guy, so I hired a fantastic Paralegal, and did it myself.

During this time, Rasa called me on a regular basis; to check in and see how I was doing, to offer his assistance in any way that would help, and to keep me aware of the value of Bob’s literary legacy. Me? I had my focus on totally other projects, and somewhat resented that I was “still needing to clean up after my family…”

I began to depend on Rasa; he became the webmaster for the RAW website, answering emails and forwarding what he felt I needed to pay attention to. In 2012, the RAW Probate was closed and a Trust established to oversee his literary legacy. In 2013, I left the nonprofit I had founded 23 years earlier, and the following year (2014) opened Hilaritas Press, LLC, with Rasa as my equal partner. When approaching him about the business, he simply reiterated what he had said many times; “Christina, I love working on RAW stuff, and would do it for free. Count me in.”

Without his loving perseverance, I honestly do not think I would have been able to focus on the task Bob had asked so seriously of me prior to dying, which was “Keep my work alive and available, Christina, please.”

Rasa does all the website work on,, and, as well as

For Hilaritas, he has lovingly proofed, typeset, and published via both ebook and print book ALL of our books available on Hilaritas Press, he was the force behind developing the RAW Advisers group, whom we depend upon when certain RAW-related decisions arise (like do we use the word exercise or exercize, which is how Bob originally wrote it in Prometheus Rising – we all agreed on exercize) answers emails, meets with me weekly, helps me make almost every pertinent decision, and has taught me much about nonviolent communication.

I knew little of his history prior to meeting him, but his presence in my life has been powerful on so many levels. He has become a dear and respected friend; he is one of the gentlest - and strongest, men that I know. His general composure and equanimity in approaching life has been a psychic salve for my own impulsive tendencies to lash out first and take stock later; many times he has helped me reframe and clarify what needs to be communicated, in ways that have been so helpful.

Finally, in year SIX, Hilaritas is able to send a monthly paycheck to Rasa – far less than he deserves, but it’s a start! This is after YEARS of Rasa working for free; and I cannot wait to pay him more! Independent Publishing is NOT the big business many may think it is, and many small publishers struggle just to stay in existence. Luckily, with the RAW literary legacy as our foundation, we are slowly building a strong entity that works to be aligned with what I like to call “The Flow for the Greater Good.”

When I read things on the internet about “Hilaritas is riding on RAWs coattails to get rich” I get so irritated! First of all, RAW was never rich, maybe his publishers were, but not him. The most he EVER made was $41,000 in a single year shortly before he died. Our work at Hilaritas is more an act of love and service than it is a grab for money; if loads of money was the goal, we would be doing other things! However, both of us understand the positive impact that RAW’s work can have, and has had, on so many seeking ways to view and navigate life in this crazy world of ours.

And hopefully, over time, Hilaritas Press will become a collaborative publishing platform, allowing other adventurous thinkers opportunities to present their own works to the world – and not be ripped off!

For those of us who enjoy RAW’s work, let us offer thanks to Rasa, as he has been and will continue to be on the frontlines of introducing and re-introducing RAW to the world!

Much love to all,



Stay tuned to this newsletter for the latest RAW news!

Thank you so much for your support,
        and lots of love and lasagna to you all!

            Rasa with Christina and Olga

Copyright © 2020 The Robert Anton Wilson Trust, All rights reserved.

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