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“"Pigspurt is a trickster, a provocateur, who incites Campbell junior to search for her Real Self by doing something that will surprise it into existence" – The Reviews Hub

Pigspurt's Daughter

A Mythic Dad / A Legacy of Lunacy

Hilaritas Press presents
an astounding new book from Daisy Eris Campbell!


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Dear friends,

"Surprising your own Real Self into existence." – Hilaritas Press is absolutely delighted to present our second non-RAW title with the publication of Daisy Eris Campbell's mind-bending monologue, Pigspurt's Daughter. To accompany the run of the play, Daisy printed a booklet containing the play's monologue. After getting that booklet in the mail, and reading the whole play in one sitting, I was convinced that Daisy's writing would wonderfully add to the titles in the collection at Robert Anton Wilson's publishing house, Hilaritas Press. Daisy loved the idea and asked writer John Higgs to compose an introduction. Meanwhile, we assembled two dozen photographs from the performance (and a few other places), making Pigspurt's Daughter our first full color book. As a cool extra, we've also included a review of the play written by Jason Watkins. Jason's review won the Observer/Anthony Burgess Prize for Arts Journalism 2019.

Here's a brief introduction and a few reviews of the play . . .

Director, actor, writer, Daisy Eris Campbell grew up in the lunatic world of her father, master storyteller Ken Campbell, described by The Guardian obituary as the most original and unclassifiable talent in British theatre of the past half-century. Daisy was literally conceived backstage at her father’s 12-hour staging of Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson’s epic production of Illuminatus!, in which her mother Prunella Gee played Eris, the 50-foot Goddess of Discord. In Pigspurt’s Daughter, Daisy presents a surreal and comedic monologue that magnificently continues her family legacy of lunacy.

Prior to Pigspurt’s Daughter, Daisy adapted and directed Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger in 2014 and 2017 in Liverpool and London to great acclaim. She also directed The KLF’s comeback, Welcome to the Dark Ages. She worked with her father for many years on productions, notably directing the world’s longest play The Warp, and a West-End run of Macbeth in Pidgin English, Makbed. Pigspurt’s Daughter is her first solo show.

"The theatre needs this kind of dynasty"
– View from the Cheap Seat

“Magical, metaphysical, moving and magnificent” 
– Shaun Prendergast

“This is the best. I loved it and was so inspired by it. Brilliant fascinating exquisite shit.”
– Nina Conti

"Fizzing with synchronicity, Pigspurt's Daughter slices through the kipple like an expertly-wielded wooden tie, creating an ephemeral entropy embargo-cult whose sole aim is to Hail our cathartic truebadour Daisy Campbell, as she unspins her expertly-conceived fractal mind-dive. Five Pies."
– Bloke on Twitter

"The funniest, most bizarre two hours I have spent in ages. What a brilliant performance!"
– Lynda Sebire

I can't urge you enough to buy a copy of Daisy's book. I mean, yeah, it's my job to try to entice you into buying books from Hilaritas Press, but that BS aside, I'm honestly impressed by how much of a comfort this book was to my weird soul. Seekers: seek it! 

What is also remarkable about this new Hilaritas Press publication is our new association with the Ingram Content Group. Primarily because we've been operating on a shoestring and a modestly good internet connection, up until now we have relied on the Amazon behemoth's inexpensive publishing and distribution services to keep Hilaritas Press running. We have been happy with the quality of the product, but with Ingram, we will be able to have more choices in how we produce books, and we will have access to a much wider market. For a variety of very good reasons, small bookstores often don't like to buy their books through Amazon. Ingram, on the other hand, is a primary source for brick and mortar bookstores, and well-trusted. In addition, Ingram's printing options allow us to print books with full color illustrations for a price very close to normal Black & White book interiors. Daisy's book is our first test of Ingram's printing standards, and we are really happy with the first copies we've received.

We are especially excited because our next book is RAW's Ishtar Rising, and because of the large number of photographs in the book that were originally in color, but desaturated into Black & White to print inexpensively in all the previous editions of the book, we really wanted to be able to create a new edition in full color. We are almost ready to upload the book to Ingram and then order a proof. Seeing the quality of Pigspurt's Daughter's print job has made us really excited about seeing the new Ishtar! We expect to publish Ishtar Rising within the next 30 days! 

And here's a bit of Breaking News:

Almost two years ago I got a connection to Grant Morrison (New York Times best-selling author, Comics Legend, Chaos Magician, creator of The Invisibles and other great graphic novels), and I asked him if he would be interested in writing a Foreword or Afterword for one of our upcoming RAW editions. He was interested, and so I sent him a list of the books we are republishing. I had an idea of which book he might think would be obvious for him, but I didn't suggest a particular book. He wrote back:

"The obvious one is Sex, Drugs and Magic but I might also consider Ishtar Rising as I've been working on Wonder Woman for the last couple of years and the concept of the 'goddess' - and the rise of female power in the Aeon of Ma'at as Kenneth Grant might describe it - has been on my mind a lot and may yield some interesting insights."

He did settle on Ishtar Rising, and his insightful essay, included in our new edition, seems to well reflect his meditations on the goddess. Here's a taste of Grant's essay:

"Ishtar sets out to interrogate a culture whose denial and repression of the breast, and by extension motherhood, the Milk of Human Kindness, womanhood and femininity in all its expressions, is a breeding ground for essentially Fascistic repression, judgmental censoriousness and a profound lack of empathy — what Wilson describes as fundamentally patrist attitudes.

"In place of the armored hard body of Corporate Man, that modern exemplar of successful sociopathic toxic masculinity, Wilson offers a matrist vision of oceanic orgasms, Free Love, Tantric sex, common sense, and boundless creativity."

Stay tuned. Our next newsletter will be announcing the release of Ishtar Rising!

And so, as always, we are busy with exciting projects we love. Thank you so much for your support, and lots of love and lasagna to you all!

     Rasa with Christina and Olga

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