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"I don't speak in ePrime. I've been writing in ePrime a lot lately. I've written two books in ePrime and most of my recent articles are in ePrime. I haven't yet learned to speak ePrime. So if you hear an "is" now and then... none of us are perfect. There was another lapse. There was an "are" in there. The map is not the territory."

The Hilaritas Press Podcast
New from Hilaritas Press!

Dear friends,

We are very excited to announce the release of the first episode of the new Hilaritas Press Podcast series. This first episode dives deeply into the life and ideas of Alfred Korzybski, one of the most influential thinkers of the many fascinating people Robert Anton Wilson examined in his explorations of what he called his Reality Labyrinth. In this episode we talk with Dom Heffer from the Institute of General Semantics. The hosts for this episode are Mike Gathers, Eric Wagner and Gregory Arnott. All three hosts have a long history with the ideas of Robert Anton Wilson, and all are advisors to the RAW Trust. 

A bit about the hosts...

Check out Mike Gathers' recent amazing writings on the Eight Circuit Model of Consciousness. Both essays featured in Bobby Campbell's New Trajectories zine. Here are direct links:



Eric Wagner is the author of An Insider's Guide to Robert Anton Wilson. You can "Ask Eric" anything about the RAW multiverse over at Tom Jackson's RawIllumination blog. Special guest host for this episode, Gregory Arnott, appears under various pseudonyms online. If you follow some popular RAW-related websites, you have probably read some of Gregory's astute observations.

Ian Blumberg-Enge is a student, RAW enthusiast and podcast producer from Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Ian is a bit shy in congratulating himself on his achievements, but us folks at Hilaritas Press were impressed by his proposal for the creation of this podcast series. His research, writing and organizational skills have been impressive!

Ryan Reeves spends his time producing podcasts, editing videos and making music. Outside of that, his life is a caffeine-fueled phantasmagoria of half-remembered McKenna quotes, physics lectures, 5-hour Twin Peaks synopses, high strangeness news reports beamed telepathically via a geo-synchronously orbiting UAP, and a handsome tabby cat who pounces from corners unknown and unheard over the man’s ceaseless glossolalia, or so he claims. Ryan Reeves is also an all-around gentleman hailing from the Pacific Northwest. Click here to learn more.

Our first episode...

Our first episode presents an interview with artist Dom Heffer, artistic Editor of Etc; the Journal of the Institute of General Semantics, and an expert voice on the life and ideas of Alfred Korzybski and the implications of general semantics on every day life. You can contact Dom and see his art at

I always knew Korzybski was an early influence on RAW, and I understood, basically, the ideas behind General Semantics that RAW used to explain his thoughts on language and perception. I think, like a lot of RAW fans, I didn't dig that much deeper into Korzybski the man, or much deeper into what I imagine RAW experienced when he astoundingly inhaled Korzybski's densely written 800 page tome, Science and Sanity. RAW repeatedly had to defend his claim that he read the whole thing in two days. He didn't claim to completely understand it all at first, but repeated re-readings later figured strongly in RAW's speculations and philosophical ponderings. Thanks to our talented podcast crew, I now feel like I can say something a bit more intelligent about Korzybski and his ground-breaking ideas.

We hope you enjoy this first Hilaritas Press podcast exploration into the various "selves" of Robert Anton Wilson, and the various influences and ideas that helped to shape his perceptions of reality and the resulting RAW Multiverse.

Join us each 23rd of the month as the Hilaritas Press Podcast series unfolds.

Next month's episode will be on Wilhelm Reich

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Thank you so much for your support,
        and lots of love and lasagna to you all!

            Rasa with Christina and Olga

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