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To recognize that every culture, and sub-culture, has its own “reality” is the prerequisite of sophistication, tact, and true tolerance. Otherwise you come on like the Englishman who claimed all Chinese understand English if you just shout loud enough. — from The Relativity of “Reality" chapter, in Email to the Universe

The RAW Trust's Hilaritas Press
is delighted to announce the eBook publication of

Email to the Universe:

and other alterations of consciousness

featuring a new Introduction by R. Michael Johnson!
and a new* Afterword by Paul Krassner!
eBook Now Available!

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Dear friends of Bob,

The new Email to the Universe eBook Edition is now available! With the addition of color graphics (and a couple of new graphics) and the fixing of typos and other errors from previous editions, this new edition features an Introduction that we feel the book has always needed. Email to the Universe presents an extraordinary collection of writings spanning 45 years of RAW's writing career. R. Michael Johnson gives us the back story behind the collection of this collection, along with a fine appreciation for the historical context and relevance RAW's writing has on the present. Michael, freelance writer, blogger, rock guitarist, and Robert Anton Wilson-ologist, was the founder of the Usenet group

Writing a back cover blurb for this new edition of Email to the Universe was a bit of a challenge. RAW covers so many topics that giving a brief description of the book seems impossible. In addition, as Michael notes in his introduction, RAW was well aware that the form of a book conveys its own message. I guess you just have to read it to understand why it is one of Bob's most popular books, but to give you an idea of how difficult it is to classify this book, from his introduction, here's Michael's list of sumbunall of the book's topics . . .

Atheism, model agnosticism, quantum theory, the many problems of hard-core ideologues, androphobia, James Joyce, dreams and Carl Jung, Korzybski and neurosemantics, magick, Vico and “theotopology,” the subconscious mind and movies, psychedelic drugs and expanded perception, Nietzsche and self-perception, the labyrinthine enigmas and conspiracies involving a small church in the south of France and Vatican banking conspiracies and the Mafia, drug-dealing and modern European fascism; Philip K. Dick, anarchism and libertarian thought, Timothy Leary, Einstein, the erroneous perception of what’s commonly referred to as “normal,” multi-valued logics, alternative economic ideas, literary modernist figures, sexual magick, the occult and secret societies, and the poverty of Euclidean “Left-Right” framing in political thought. 

Holy Chao!

* There's a new Afterword as well! We asked RAW's old friend, counter-culture icon Paul Krassner if we could include his essay "Keep the Lasagna Flying" as the Afterword for Email to the Universe. Paul enthusiastically agreed and rewrote a tiny bit of the piece for the occasion.

AND, thanks once again for a great cover from Scott (amoeba) McPherson!

A special enormous amount of gratitude goes to Gary Acord, husband, dad, computer programmer, Gaeilgeoir nua, and "just a fella that likes to help," who contributed greatly to the digital and editorial preparations for this new Hilaritas Press edition. And many thanks as well to Tom Jackson, of rawillumination, for his intrepid help in proofreading!

We hope you buy the new eBook, but if you are waiting for the new print edition, or want to buy both, we're working on the print edition now! Stay tuned to this newsletter for the announcement.

ALSO, check out the new post at our blog, Amor & Hilaritas. Eric Wagner gave us permission to steal a segment from his book, An Insider's Guide to Robert Anton Wilson.
— a wonderful RAW interview that fills in some details about Bob's Guns and Dope Party that didn't make it into the GADP chapter in Email to the Universe.

A note about the RAW eBay Auction

Certain arcane rules on eBay require the RAW eBay Auction to be split into two phases. Phase one was very successful, and phase two will start up in the first week of March. We'll send out an announcement with more details and the exact start date.

Thanks so much for all your love and support! 
Lots of love and lasagna to you all!
Rasa & Christina (with some help from Olga)
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