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REALITY-LABYRINTH: existence regarded as a multiple-choice intelligence test; the sum total of reality-tunnels available to an open-minded or non-Fundamentalistic human at a given time and place.
– The New Inquisition

The New Inquisition
Irrational Rationalism and the Citadel of Science

A New Edition from Hilaritas Press!

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Dear friends,

Our heartfelt thoughts go out to all of you during these strange days we are sharing. A RAW-like humor and optimism helps us a lot. We hope to pass that on in our continued effort to republish RAW's books and create new opportunities to tune into RAW energy. This newsletter announces a wonderful new release from Hilaritas Press.

We could not anticipate the global circumstances that would frame the release of this new edition of The New Inquisition, but we have been thinking a lot recently about how RAW's thoughts on Science might inform current discussions raging online, as people shelter in front of computer screens, exposed to vast amounts of information. We are delighted to have asked friend of Bob, writer and media theorist, Douglas Rushkoff to write an Introduction for our new edition of The New Inquisition. Here's a snippet:

"For Bob, nothing was sacred and nothing was set in stone – except maybe the idea that fundamentalism is a dangerous dead end. Like Alfred Korzybski’s Science and Sanity, Robert Anton Wilson’s The New Inquisition seeks to rescue science from fundamentalist materialism, and the rest of us from the broader implications of this approach. It is at once a philosophical treatise and an act of cognitive defiance . . . His message is more important right now than it was when he wrote it. Our digital fundamentalists see human beings as an engineering problem to be solved. Behaviors and thoughts that do not conform to our algorithmically generated profiles are to be eliminated, and humans shepherded into the reality tunnels that obey the laws of rationality alone. We are right now being programmed by the very fundamental materialists RAW is warning us about on these pages."

Enormous gratitude goes out to Chas Faris and Alfonso Montuori for their crucial help in editing and proofreading. And, once again, many thanks to Scott McPherson at amoeba for another great book cover. Scott's cover design features a statue of Giordano Bruno on the Piazza Campo de Fiori, Rome Italy, designed and made by Ettore Ferrari. The location is the exact spot that Bruno was roasted and toasted at the stake, February 17th, 1600, accused of heresy by the Church for theorizing the infinity of space and having the audacity to suggest we might not be the center of the known Universe.

We hope you enjoy this new edition of a RAW classic!

An exciting upgrade for Hilaritas Press . . .

The RAW Trust created Hilaritas Press, but had zero funding to begin a publishing company. That led to the option of using Amazon's free publishing and distribution services. That's ideal for a small publisher starting out. The quality of the paperback books have proven to be excellent, and Kindle eBooks reach a wide audience. The downside to using Amazon could be written up as a longer treatise on the nature on monopoly capitalism, but aside from that weighty subject, we have had two major issues we've wanted to resolve, as soon as we were able, that have to do with non-Amazon book sellers – and now we have!

Two months ago we switched all of our publishing away from Amazon and to Ingram. Ingram is the largest book printer and distributor in the US, and so yes, it is another corporation, but their catalog is used by mosbunall brick and mortar stores and all other online book sellers. With Amazon, your local bookstore was not inclined to stock our books because the deal Amazon offered to small bookstores was not as economical as the normal book market rates (and also, honestly, a lot of small bookstores don't want to have anything to do with Amazon – not too surprising). Ingram offers those normal rates and is known by all small bookstores, and so now our books are still for sale on Amazon's website, but all of our production and distribution is done through Ingram. Small bookstores will love to hear that! Also, we have made "ePub" versions of all of our titles so eBooks are now available for all other "non-Kindle" eReaders, such as Barnes & Noble's Nook and Apple's iBook format. Just check your favorite eReader's catalog.

In addition, there's a new website that helps small bookstores sell online called Their books are purchased through Ingram, so any local bookstore can use a familiar interface and easily build an online presence. Here's a suggestion for a good place to start: an old friend of RAW owns Driftless Books and Music in Viroqua, Wisconsin, so if you want to buy RAW books online and help out a small bookstore, check out the online storefront for Driftless by clicking here.

We would still love to have people write reviews of our Hilaritas Press books on Amazon, as that helps with our publicity, but we are REALLY happy to have switched to Ingram so we can offer our books to markets worldwide, and that monolithic jungle, Amazon, is now not the engine for our book production, but is just one of our outlets.

Other exciting Flying Lasagna trajectories . . .

We are very close to releasing the new Audio Book for Cosmic Trigger II. For a sneak preview of Oliver Senton's wonderful narration, click here to hear the first chapter.

Artist Bobby Campbell is producing an online Maybe Day celebration for July 23, 2020 – "a Virtual Maybe Logical Extravvaganza!" Click here for more information.

A new rather thoughtful RAW-themed blog has arrived on the scene. Check it out: RAW semantics

Stay tuned to this newsletter for the latest news!

Thank you so much for your support,
        and lots of love and lasagna to you all!

            Rasa with Christina and Olga

Copyright © 2020 The Robert Anton Wilson Trust, All rights reserved.

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