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"It is amusing that those who think computers think (or will soon think) generally consider themselves materialists, while those who claim I Ching thinks call themselves mystics, but if thought is defined in these terms, then both computers and I Ching must be considered to be thinking. (The fact that the human nervous system operates on a similar binary code may account for our occasional impression that humans also think, at least outside the areas of politics and religion.)" – Robert Anton Wilson, Coincidance: A Head Test


print edition now available!

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Dear friends,

Hilaritas Press has released the Print version of our new edition of
Robert Anton Wilson's Coincidance: A Head Test. 

In addition to legendary graphic novel writer Alan Moore’s new introduction, an extensive previously unpublished RAW interview, and amoeba’s great new cover, a lot of less glamorous but noteworthy changes were made. Ninety-eight percent of the graphics have been redrawn, and an embarrassing number of typos have been corrected. An enormous amount of gratitude goes to our intrepid RAW Trust Literary Advisors, principally Gary Accord, Tom Jackson, Mike Gathers, Eric Wagner and Bobby Campbell who helped with editing, proofreading and untangling several head-scratching instances of where the previous editions had a number of graphics in the wrong place! Most of those graphics represent the symbolism Bob discusses in the chapters on James Joyce and so getting it all correct was crucial for apprehending Bob’s meaning. 

And as for that meaning . . . Coincidance covers a wide range of enlightening subjects; Mammary Metaphysics, The Godfathers and the Goddess, The Married Catholic Priests' Convention, The Physics of Synchronicity, and in the chapter, Religion for the Hell of It, I learned that I am a Javacrucian. 

RAW's friend, Marlis Jermutus, celebrates the sacrament with a Flying Lasagna Enterprises' Mug

Most striking to readers of Coincidance may be the book’s singular accomplishment in the chapters “Synchronicity and Isomorphism in Finnegans Wake,” “Death and Absence in Joyce” and “The Hidden Variables” – Bob’s ability to explain the complex structure and symbolism in the writings of James Joyce without making your head implode. Instead, Bob makes your head explode with what he described as “the dance of synchronicity throughout nature.” If you are unfamiliar with Joyce, or intimidated, like many people, take a ride with Bob’s attitude of “joyful wonder” as your guide. Bob’s love of Joyce, when explained by Bob, gives a great insight into how Bob thought about the “coincidantal” connections between reality tunnels. As always with RAW, a mind-bending experience!

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BTW, we have a goofy ritual with Amazon every time we publish one of Bob's books. The Amazon Content Validation Team has a computer algorithm that sees our book "is" already for sale on Amazon (the old edition), and so they question our claim to the copyright. We immediately write them back, including the proper documentation, and then they say okay. That can take anywhere from an hour to half a day, and during that time they make the book "unavailable" for sale on Amazon. Usually they do that very soon after we put the book on Amazon, but this time we haven't heard from them and the book's been up for two days. Just in case, if you happen to see the book listed as "unavailable," just click back in a while after we've wrangled with the AI.

As always, lots of love and lasagna to you all!

     Rasa with Christina and Olga

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And now a message from Christina . . .

Dearest Friends and Family of Heart,

So much to share, so little time! This morning I had my lower jaw operated on by a fabulous endodontist to remove an infection. Extraordinary? Not really, but the fact that she used a new technique she learned this past weekend at an endodontist conference was, as it brought my wandering mind to ponder some of the phenomenal changes I have experienced in the span of my own life.

When I was twelve, I watched 2001: A Space Odyssey; this afternoon I had a FaceTime session with a twelve-year-old who thinks nothing of her ability to enter a video chat, but instead is mad because her just-received first smartphone has already been confiscated by the Parent Units.

I watched the new Blade Runner last week and found myself looking forward to either the hybridization – or the war – of Replicants and Humans… and the “leader” of the “free world” is, in my opinion, rather bonkers, but is from my viewpoint, simply the erupted boil signaling the bigger system is in distress. I got a number of staph infections as a kid, and to me, this is a perfect metaphor. Oh, Goddess, no wonder I feel like I am with Alice falling down the rabbit-hole! The truth is, I am!

So what does this have to do with anything? Well, it has to do with everything, and my newest mantra;

     Nothing Stands Alone.

As humans, we must build on each other’s discoveries, if we are ever to reach the stars. Or where ever we are headed! Let us witness the yearning of a species craving to emerge, to survive, in order to thrive… and do this with growing awareness, without strewing unimaginable harm, as it comes to terms with its own unfolding process – and wake up on the elemental level where nothing stands alone.

Nope, took nada. Neither inhaled nor swallowed anything… Just musing on things here and there!

All my love, Christina


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“You should view the world as a conspiracy run by a very closely-knit group of nearly omnipotent people, and you should think of those people as yourself and your friends.” – RAW
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