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". . . everything starts with Bob, the original panspermia spore from Sirius, which made all of this possible, this whole coming alive of this incredible mythology." – Daisy Eris Campbell, speaking at RAW DAY 2017

RAWDAY 2017 Videos!
RAW DAY 2017 was celebrated on July 23rd, from 2pm to 8pm
at The Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz, California

RAW DAY videos are now up at

Dear friends,
Andrew J. O'Keefe has been toiling away with digital lasagna and has produced a delicious series of videos that feature all the presenters at RAW DAY 2017. 

Click here (or the photos) to see all the videos

There are 7 videos of the presentations, plus two additional short videos I’ll describe in a moment. I have to give a thanks to Brummbaer for letting us use his amazing fractal video animations for the opening and closing credit scenes. He didn’t actually give us permission, mostly because he took the liberty of passing away last year. We were close friends, however, and over the years we regularly collaborated on projects, freely giving our work to each other. In any case, I asked his partner Robin for permission, and she was thrilled to let us have a choice of videos to use. She added that she thought Brumm would also be delighted. Brummbaer was an amazingly talented artist. Click here to see some of his art. He was also a close friend of Tim Leary’s. They were Sunday afternoon tripping buddies in LA for a period of time. He had some stellar stories. I miss that guy, but it's wonderful to see his beautiful artwork helping Bob's lasagna take flight. 

As for the other two videos, Andrew did a handful of interviews during the breaks in the program. He didn't really have the time to do that, but he's ambitious. Still, he ended up with only interviewing R.U. Sirius, Branka Tesla and me. Andrew and I talked about how it wasn’t a lot of material to work with, only three interviews, but I got a brainstorm at one point and started cutting the three interviews up into what I think is a nice salad. A good side dish for the lasagna (sorry). It became a 4 minute video called “Multiple Realities.”


The other short video is a 6 minute preview for the 7 main videos. You've maybe seen it already online. It's a sweet short snapshot of the day. 

Thanks also to DJ Greg Wilson for letting us use some of the music he mixed on the day of the event. You can find his RAW DAY mix on his SoundCloud page

The Presenters at RAW DAY
(listed in order of their appearance on the day’s schedule)

Nick Herbert, aka Dr. Jabir, physicist and Quantum Tantrist

Richard Rasa, Metaprogramming Director for The RAW Trust & Co-Publisher at Hilaritas Press

Adam Gorightly, Discordian Historian

Ferdinando, Magic Experience Designer

R. U. Sirius, Cyberculture Luminary, Co-Founder of Mondo 2000

Erik Davis, author/journalist at

Daisy Eris Campbell, Producer/Director of Cosmic Trigger the Play

Christina Pearson, Bob’s daughter, Trustee for the RAW Trust & Co-Publisher at Hilaritas Press

As always, lots of love and lasagna to you all!

     Rasa with Christina and Olga

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Musings on RAW Day, July 23,, 2017

Fabulous is one of my favorite words. Online, the basic definitions seem to agree it is an adjective; the meaning is something extraordinary, especially extraordinarily large; for instance: “finding a fabulous horde of riches.” It ALSO says the word ‘fabulous’ can define something having no basis in reality; mythical, amazingly good, wonderful; like – “fabulous creatures that flew through the air on diaphanous wings…”.

Each and every person I met on RAW Day 2017, could have easily been sitting in the living-rooms of my childhood, chatting, laughing, thinking, debating, eating and smoking, while enjoying the stimulating intellectual ambiance that surrounded my dad. It was so amazing to hear how his passion for writing had impacted people in so many ways. One guy told me “your dad taught me how to think.” Another young man shared with me “Bob Wilson taught me how to ask the right questions. Changed my life entirely!”

To have the opportunity to meet in person, folks whom I had known of, but never met, was truly Fabulous! Especially meeting Daisy Campbell, who kind of “grew up” with Bob’s somewhat unusual languaging all around her! So creative, filled with love. And her merry team of helpers, along with old friends, young and old; all touched in some way by RAW’s work.

In closing let me say that I find 'Fabulous' works for Bob in both ways; "finding a fabulous horde of riches" and "a fabulous mystical creature with wings made of words."

It was for me such a loving and validating experience; my deepest gratitude to all who worked to manifest RAW Day as a real-time, in-person event, and to all of us that had the joy of participating!

See you at RAW Day 2018!

All my Love, Christina


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“You should view the world as a conspiracy run by a very closely-knit group of nearly omnipotent people, and you should think of those people as yourself and your friends.” – RAW
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