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"The book is called Coincidance which is a word from Finnegans Wake. It combines “coincidence” and “dance.” It’s the dance of synchronicity throughout nature." – Robert Anton Wilson


eBook now available!

Click here or the graphic above for the new Coincidance!

Dear friends,

Hilaritas Press has released the eBook version of our new edition of Robert Anton Wilson's Coincidance: A Head Test! 

We are still cooking the new print edition and will let you know as soon as it is out of the oven. To get a sneak preview of the front and back covers of the new print edition:

click here to see the book's Hilaritas Press page

In the meantime, we are really excited to release this new edition with a number of typos fixed, all new improved graphics, new formatting, a great new cover from amoeba, plus two exciting additions to the book!

Legendary graphic novel writer Alan Moore has written an introduction for this new edition of Coincidance. This short excerpt helps to explain Moore's choice of Coincidance as his favorite RAW title . . .

“Count Alfred Korzybski’s work implies that almost all human experience is linguistic in its nature, while recent research has indicated that a scanned brain lights up neurologically when exposed to a new or different use of language. Given that upon examination magic also seems linguistic, as in Aleister Crowley’s (actually J.R.R. Tolkien derived) formulation of it as “a disease of language”, in Coincidance’s pyrotechnic display of both Joyce and Wilson’s vertiginous prose we are allowed to see and feel that process in dynamic action, with the whirling dervish discourse altering the reader’s consciousness and therefore their reality, using no more than the remarkable and magical technology of some couple of dozen symbols and a peppering of punctuation to accomplish this, a genuine act of sorcery.”

And the second great addition to Coincidance . . . 
As an appendix to this new edition, we've included an eighty-page (!) previously unpublished interview with RAW that was conducted when he was writing Coincidance. Here's a quote from The MGT . . .

“Maybe initiated by the title of the book, an unexpected gift came to us just as we finished editing this new edition of Coincidance. A member of Bob’s private GroupMind email list, John van der Does, sent me an interview he did with Bob in 1983 – right when Bob was writing Coincidance. In the interview, Bob talks about the book and goes into detail on a number of the book’s topics. John just gave us the piece, thinking that Hilaritas Press could do something with it, not knowing that we were working on Coincidance, or that his interview would make a wonderful addition to the book.” – from the editor’s introduction to Overlooking Martello Tower: An Interview with Robert Anton Wilson. Interviewed on “Bloomsday,” June 16, 1983 in Sandycove, Dublin by John van der Does

John van der Does traveled from France to Ireland to interview Bob. His intention was to translate the interview into French, but only some 20% of the interview was ever published, and the entire original English version has never been published before now. John transcribed his recording of the interview and sent it off to Bob, who edited it, and then sent it back to John for him to translate it into French. Because both John and Bob knew the interview was intended for a French audience that may know little or nothing about Bob's ideas, John was sure to ask about mosbunall topics that dedicated RAW fans would find familiar. 

Wondering if, not the descriptions, but the topics might be too familiar, I sent the interview to a small group of RAW enthusiasts I’ve been calling the RAW Trust Editorial Advisors: principally Gary Accord, Tom Jackson, Mike Gathers, Eric Wagner and Bobby Campbell. After three days of email discussions, we all agreed that the interview was just too good to cut out anything that might seem dated or too familiar among all the topics. There was even the suggestion to make a whole new book out of the interview and add annotations. In the end we decided to include the entire interview as an appendix to Coincidance, and Mike Gathers graciously volunteered to write a short Interview Afterword to present some of the observations and speculations that grew from the group email discussion. We want to give eternal thanks to all the advisors, but especially to Gary and Tom who went beyond the advising role and volunteered to edit and proofread Coincidance

As for other news from the RAW Trust, multiverse is non-simultaneously apprehended, so coincidances occur and certainty alludes us, but RAW Spiral Ring Pendants seem to be very close to being ready to go on sale – the topic of our next newsletter!

As always, lots of love and lasagna to you all!

     Rasa with Christina and Olga

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And now a message from Christina . . .

Dearest Friends & Family of RAW,

Happiest of New Years to us all, and welcome to 2018! I spent all day yesterday throwing out old paper records of mine, and came across of few RAW goodies along the way! See image below . . .

Well! Tonight is the first Supermoon of 2018; it is called the Wolf Moon, after the hungry wolves that would howl outside the villages… Many many years ago, I gave Bob for his birthday a teeshirt with an image of a pack of wolves on it. I remember he liked to wear it, and listen to classical music that had been synched up with a background of songs of Humpback whales and with the eerie singsong of howling packs of wolves in the wilderness.

That said, Bob was not very much of an animal person; he generally put up with us kids wanting and getting hamsters, dogs, cats, birds, fish, turtles, guinea pigs, ponies, horses, earthworms, salamanders, and Eris only knows what else we had over the years… But it wasn’t until my sister Alex needed Bob and Arlen to adopt her dog Fang for a while that he developed a real relationship with an animal. My hunch is that Fang the mutt was such an odd anomaly that he totally intrigued Bob, who got to know him over time and became smitten. He loved the name Fang, as the dog himself looked kind of like a black Lab with no legs. Fang was an all-black shorty that stood about 12 inches (if that) at the shoulder, had a squarish wiener dog body about 16 inches in length, with stumpy little 4 inch legs, and he simply radiated love and good wishes for all. He would mosey his way around the house, and when waddling into a room Bob was in, Bob would comment “Here comes the Mighty Beast, FANG!” Which immediately caused Fang’s ears to perk up and he would zero in on RAW for some petting.

Both Bob and Arlen were devastated when Fang died, and although they did adopt another dog several years later, Fang always held a special place in RAW’s heart.

I was going to write about something else, but then the Wolf Moon caught my attention . . .

So exciting to see Coincidance coming out! A Big Huzzah and congratulations to Rasa and the trusted RAW Advisors who contributed to this project, for the incredible work of putting things right in the new edition. Pictures and symbols needed to be discussed and redrawn, hundreds if not MILLIONS of odd typos seemed to manifest before one’s eyes, and amazing synchronistic events were non-simultaneously apprehended!

Regarding finding RAW goodies, I found the little pyramid he held for the Maybe Logic Movie Announcement; what you may not know – it is not a glass or crystal pyramid, but a plexiglass type material! It sat on his desk getting bumped all around for years and years. Now – perhaps – it will sit on mine!

  Congratulations to all!

    Much love, Christina


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