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Board Member Profile:
Mark Cave

Why this is important to me...


Mark Cave, local entrepreneur, has recently rolled off the CPF board after serving since 2008. The energy, time, and talent he brought to our organization is greatly appreciated and will be missed. Mark, his wife Victoria, and their two children live in Charlottesville.

Why was it important for you to get involved with supporting your local police?
When my daughter was two years old, she got lost on our farm out in the country. For two hours we searched high and low and as night began to fall we became increasingly desperate. When she showed up in the back of a police car having been picked up walking aimlessly down a country road, I realized that our local police are the people we depend upon in critical situations. Then and there I pledged to give something back to them.

What events or programs did you get involved with through the CPF?
I was on a number of committees during my 6 years of service, but most recently served as the chair of the development committee. A few months ago we put together a campaign and raised enough funding to help the department purchase a second dog for their K-9 unit. Given that I own a couple of dog-boarding camps, this purchase hit a real sweet spot for me. Seeing those dogs in action takes your breath away. And knowing that they help save lives gave us all a great sense of satisfaction.

How did serving on the CPF board help you see the police differently?
Meeting quarterly with the Chief and other like-minded supporters on the board gave me a different level of insight. Hearing the Chief talk, you can't help but become inspired by his words and galvanized to help the department carry out the mission. The best word to describe the Chief and the department is passion. It surrounds everything they do and is contagious.

Anything else you'd like to share?
I've always said that you never fully appreciate what CPD does until you face a crisis. They will be the first you call and the first to respond if you're in an accident, under assault, or in distress. In my opinion those who support the CPD before they have a personal need are in a very special class: the enlightened. A special, heartfelt thanks from the Cave family to all the policemen and women who give their lives in service to Charlottesville.

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